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    Came across this hunk on this site and agreed to meet him on a date. Things got ahead of us and he took me to his place where the lights were dim. I stripped for him while he sat and watched. When we made out I felt as if his chest is too popped out. Lights being dim I took his shirt off and licked his nipples. I grabbed his chest and I was like wtf boobs? I looked up to him asked wtf are these? He was like I'm a trans darling. Didn't you know that? I said no you cheat? He said it's written on my profile you dumb fuck. That's why people say don't filter see things.

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    I wouldn't ever mind a trans because of the functionalities I could perform!


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      Well I think reading profiles is real important and you just got to know why. It happened with a friend of mine as well. She was into this guy who had really sexy pictures, like real horny ones so she couldn't wait to meet him. The guy was almost like a model, perfect hair but I told my friend that these pictures looked old but she refused to believe me and told me that she talked to him on call and that he was equally sexy on call too. I agreed and they went out and guess what, the guy was a bald 40 years old and he had posted pictures of him 10 years ago! LMAO My friend freaked out and he said 'Are you leaving just because I have no hair' he even tried to pull her back but she was strong and she immediately regretted that so checking out profiles carefully is one thing, inspecting them is another .I have come to believe that if anything looks shady, you should away rather than getting yourself into trouble.


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        Haha. How was it? I always wondered how it felt like to have sex with a trans because I am all in for trying but at the end moment I get scared of it.


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          I had sex with them once, and it was pretty amazing the way she allowed me to suck on and on.


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            I had a similar experience and the trans was dressed like a guy too. I was on a tour and he looked pretty attractive to me so we quickly took a cab and got down to my apartment but midway I realized that it's not something I would want so after she changed into something hot and she had a decent body too, I fooled around but clearly told her that it might not be what I was looking for. Tbh, I kinda freaked out at the prospect of having sex with her so I didn't know what to do. I just told her to go and maybe call me when I am in the mood. I even got a call but I never got back to her because you know, I wasn't just cut out for that.'