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The best lay ever!!!!

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  • The best lay ever!!!!

    been a few months since i joined this site n it's been an awesome time so far. i've gotten laid so many times thanks to this site. in these few months, i've gotten laid more times than in my whole life combined. anyway, i hooked up with this chick recently which was the best night of sex i've had in my entire night. i met her after running a simple search one night n we hit it off straight away. the fact that we liked the same stuff really helped. so after a few days, we decided to meet up bcoz it was stupid to delay it any further. it's the least time that it took me to hook up with a girl after first meeting her on the site too. anyway, the sex was absolutely amazing man! it was as if we had practiced everything beforehand. we were in perfect sync n the both of us knew exactly what to do every single moment. of course we spent the night together n i've been day dreaming about that night ever since then. she never told me that she was against hooking up more than once, so i'm just waiting until a few days pass to call her. i'm hoping that i'll get to hook up with her again.

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    Sounds like you had an awesome time man! Not every day you meet someone that you get along with so well and have perfect sex. Yeah wait a few days and send her a text may be... that's usually the best way to touch base after hooking up. It's been a few months sine I joined FreeHookups, but I haven't had any experiences like that yet. However, I've hooked up with a number of women, so complaints! I'm very happy about what I've managed so far lol


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      Good for you that you've found somebody to bang here


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        Lucky guy, wonder who that girl is


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          Damn. That was something