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    Where is the best place to bang someone for the first time?

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    In your own room and make sure to lock your door to maintain privacy.


    • #3
      Maybe in some fancy or luxurious hotel. Make her first time a classy one.


      • krstn10
        krstn10 commented
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        Yeah, but if you're broke AF, then just take her to the park at night.

      • 59Alpha
        59Alpha commented
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        Yeah, that would be a great alternative when you're broke.

    • #4
      Either his or her place or yours. Why go to fancy place, when all you need is just a bed to have sex in


      • #5
        If you're kinky enough, go and do it in the place that you've first met


        • Tanvil
          Tanvil commented
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          Where do you wanna meet?

      • #6
        In a clean place of course. In a hotel or a motel. Any place as long as it's clean.


        • InsideBoa
          InsideBoa commented
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          It would much better to go to a hotel rather than a motel if you really want the place to be clean

      • #7
        I remember banging my first girlfriend in my room. I think that's the best place to bang for the first time.


        • #8
          Don't tell me it's your first time banging someone? How old are you now?


          • KimmieS
            KimmieS commented
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            Lol. I think he didn't mean it like that.

        • #9
          In a public restroom, the knowledge that someone might see or hear you makes it more exciting.


          • OhMyLorie
            OhMyLorie commented
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            Have you done that before?

          • janney
            janney commented
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            Bet that you've done it there countless of times already sevva3

        • #10
          I prefer someone to bang me outdoors where I can watch the stars while he is fucking me.


          • #11
            Go somewhere that has a mirror ceiling lol


            • Paylah
              Paylah commented
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              Do you know a place that has a room with a mirrored ceiling?

            • Muggs
              Muggs commented
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              I've done that before and the view is really nice since you can see her ass bounce up and down while she's fucking you

          • #12
            The bed. fuck her good in the bed, then move on to other places of the house... it's kind of like a house warming only dirtier and kinkier.


            • #13
              It would be better if you guys start doing it either at her place or yours rather than go to some strange place just to fuck each other