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What's The Fastest You've Ever Hooked Up

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  • What's The Fastest You've Ever Hooked Up

    I'm someone who always loves to hear a good hookup story and I'm looking to see if there's anyone on here who has had some super quick hookups.

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    Yea I've had some quick hookups on here for sure. Usually with women who were just looking for someone to have a fling with after a breakup or whatever. If that's what you're into. You'll find it.


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      Hooked up with a guy, then he came after a minute. Guess that was pretty quick.


      • kranzd
        kranzd commented
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        Don't mess with a man who could cum in a minute. You'll never see it cumming.

      • lindseysexy
        lindseysexy commented
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        I think that the guy was talking about one night stands and not how fast the guy's ejaculation lol

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      Why do you love to hear hook up stories? Is it because you're having problems when it comes to looking for a hookup?


      • sevva3
        sevva3 commented
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        It sure looks like it

      • jerranour
        jerranour commented
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        or maybe it just gets her off?

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      After just a few humps,