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  • Memorable One Night Stands

    Have you had a one night stand with a person that it was so good that you want to do it with them again but you were not able to get his or her number?

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    Was lucky enough that I was able to get their numbers or names so I was able to have my second serving of them


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      Yes, there were some but was able to find guys who were much better lol


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        Yes, there was this one girl that I wasn't able to get the number. It makes me wonder if we would cross paths again


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          I had a one night stand with this guy that I met in a bar, the sex was so hot and he's really good on the bed. It's a shame I never got his number.


          • OhMyLorie
            OhMyLorie commented
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            Why not try visiting that bar again, you might bump into him again.

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          I don't have one because I am not fond of having sex with a stranger just to fulfill my lust.


          • Mermaidwas
            Mermaidwas commented
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            Good girl! Lol

          • janney
            janney commented
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            Mermaidwas I can be a bad girl if you want. lol

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          So far I don't remember a one night stand like that.


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            I do not have any one night stand that is memorable because it is either I am drunk when that happens or it does not stand out.


            • kranzd
              kranzd commented
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              Same case for me.

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            One night stand is always a one night stand for me. One is enough, two is too much.


            • Tanvil
              Tanvil commented
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              I would agree with you. That's why it was called a one night stand not two-night stand. lol

            • sevva3
              sevva3 commented
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              Paylah Tanvil I think you two get along together. lol

            • Paylah
              Paylah commented
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              sevva3 We can have a threesome if you join us.

          • #10
            It was memorable but not in the nice way. There was one since he was the one who put it on the wrong hole by "accident"


            • 59Alpha
              59Alpha commented
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              So what was your reaction when his dick slid up your asshole?

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            Was told by the girl the morning after that it was the best fuck that she had. The problem was that I blacked out when it happened that's why I was completely clueless as to what I did to her that night


            • Happyro
              Happyro commented
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              So did you exchanged numbers and did it the second time around?

          • #12
            Nope, all my one night stand experiences are normal and there's nothing that stands out.


            • lizza
              lizza commented
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              Sad for you then.

            • GitMeDun
              GitMeDun commented
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              They're sloppy, if you do it with me, I assure you will never forget about.

          • #13
            Yes since he was the first one who was able to make me have multiple orgasms and I'm talking about what happened during foreplay and not the actual deed itself


            • Tejal
              Tejal commented
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              Guess that he's really good with his tongue that's why he's able to make you cum multiple times during foreplay

          • #14
            No memorable one night stand because for me it was all sex and tend to be forgotten.


            • HarHappyTricked
              HarHappyTricked commented
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              Same here. I don't have any memorable one night stand.

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            I remember only bits and pieces from my one night stands since they often happen when I'm drunk or tipsy


            • Nappies
              Nappies commented
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              But have you tried having a one night stand when you are sober?