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  • Let her go

    I don't know why I'd let a hookup slip away from me but there's this girl that I've met who is almost perfect. I drove to her place and hung out to a bar downtown and things were going quite well. She's independent, funny, smart and has huge tits. She lives just a few miles away from my place and she's a good conversationalist. After a drink or two, we decided to call it a day, I drove her back to her place and she lured me to her apartment. We ended up having sex and I even told her things that made her fall in love with me. She's undeniably great in bed, she made me cum like crazy. I told her she was perfect to be wife material already but I don't know why I was too scared to be committed to her. Maybe because she's too good enough for me? Or maybe I don't deserve that kind of girl, but I can feel that she's really into me. I never contacted her since that night, she still messages me but I don't want to reply to her anymore.

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    Why'd you even let a good girl go just like that? The problem is with you men is that you make girls fall in love with you then suddenly you'll leave her.


    • Hunnybunch
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      But it was just a hookup and nothing serious. The girl should not have expected too much.

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    If you're really into her, why not try and find her again and ask her out on a proper date if she's not seeing anyone. Otherwise just cut your losses and find another girl


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      Is this the same girl that you're talking about your previous post or this is a completely different one?


      • Lovereso
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        It might be a completely different one

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      She has been messaging you and you were just ignoring her messages! You are an asshole. Sorry for the word but you are. This is already a chance for you and you are just slipping it away.


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        A wife material is hard to find and you just missed your chance. But it is not yet that late. You said that she still sends some text messages to you. Take that opportunity to be with her.