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  • Proud co-worker here!

    My co-worker told me one of his successful hookups and this happened a few days ago. He was amazed that upon meeting her, she looked way more attractive than her photos. She was not much of a photogenic type but her body was toned and she's a bit tall. He was captivated by her perfect smile and her intellectual level. He was so close to asking her to be his girlfriend, instead, he planned future dates with her. It's like he met his soulmate and he's planning to date her on her birthday next week. I've never felt so happy for him, hearing a great hookup story that I never thought he had. What was your co-worker's best hookup story so far?

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    I was never tired of hearing hookup or sex stories from my female co-worker and it turns me on. I just hate that she turned me down when I tried asking her out one time. Lol!


    • jerranour
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      Was that the only time that you were turned down by a co-worker?

    • janney
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      I would suggest that you ask her out for drinks. Might end up lucky and be the one that she talks about to other people

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    There's this co-worker who was one of my acquaintances who keeps sharing her successful hookup stories during breaks. She told us a story about how she hooked up with a guy older than her. I understand how she was struggling to her financial problems and she knew that hooking up with a rich old man would help her pay off her overdue bills. She got addicted to it so she didn't stop there, right now she has 3 sugar daddies on her rotation. Whoa, right?


    • KimmieS
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      Since she already has 3 sugar daddies, why would she even stay for a job? She should give up at least 1 or 2 sugar daddies or give up her job lol

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    If I were the girl, I would not date the man on my birthday. Hello, that would be my birthday so it should be family and friends and not just for one person. After my birthday, I could entertain a date from him.


    • wanny
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      She wanted to spend some time with him on her birthday, could be that she's after for a surprise birthday sex.

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    Most of my co-workers would talk about their sex lives when we're out on the bar every weekend. I don't usually share mine because I only had a few best dates and sex lol


    • 59Alpha
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      I bet you suck at making up successful hookup stories that's why you always listen to other people's sex lives lol

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    Not sure that sharing the sex life of my coworker is a good idea and besides, most of my coworkers are the type who don't overshare


    • lindseysexy
      lindseysexy commented
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      Am I missing something here as well? My coworkers and I always talk about getaway trips, and group getaways anything just to get away from a bunch of paper works at the office lol