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  • Overly clingy chick

    I've been seeing this mature lady for a few months now. We've hooked up over 10 times during that time. I never thought that she was the kind that would get clingy. She works a lot, so she doesn't have the time to be like that anyway. At least that's what I thought. But lately, she's started to show an interest about what I was doing in my own time and the people that I was seeing. That's not what I signed up for when I started hooking up with her casually. It's not a relationship, I'm sure that we both were aware of that fact. So I don't know why she's starting to act like this all of a sudden. I think there's no way out of this other than breaking up. It would suck because things were going nicely and we were having a lot of fun. I don't know why she had to spoil things this way!

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    I also don't think that you have much of an option there my friend. She definitely can't act like that and that's not what people sign up for when they start hooking up through this site. I think you need to have a good talk with her and maybe try and solve some of thosee problems. If not, I guess you'll have to consider breaking up. Personaly, I feel that you've been hooking up with this chick for way too long. Problems like that are bound to come up when you have intimate relationships with someone for that long.


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      Why on earth did you hook up with the same woman so many times man?!! That's not very smart! You can't do that and not expect a person to start developing feelings for you!


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        Break up with her dude!! Thats nuts! I dont think theres a positive ending other than a break up to a situation like that!


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          That's happened to me once and I don't hook up with the same chick for more than three or four times since then. I don't think it human nature to get attached to someone that you consistently sleep with.... it's common for both men and women depending on the person as well as their situation and background. So the best thing is to avoid such situations rather than having to deal with them.


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            You guys are right I guess. I have to agree with Oliver_Strong, I think I kept hooking up with this chick for way longer than I should have. I need to have a good talk with her and come to a decision. Looking at this from a realistic point of view and a bit selfish one as well, I think a break up would be the best option. I mean I really don't want to deal with things like this. That's not the reason why I signed up on a hook up site like FreeHookups. I came here to have fun, not have my head full of stuff like this, so I guess I need to take control of the situation here. Thanks for your comments and advice guys!