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What's the best way to break up with someone?

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  • What's the best way to break up with someone?

    I don't know if I'm asking a very silly questiion, but is it okay to break up with someone without seeing them in person? I've hooked up with this man about four times now and I don't want to keep doing it. I don't know how to do it, but I know for a fact that I don't want to meet him in person. Is it a good idea to break up via text message or even perhaps an email? I know for some that it might sound funny, but I'm really in a situation where I might have to break up that way. By the way, I don't want to meet him because he's kinda of a pushy person and I think he'll somehow influence me to chagne my decision. I don't want that to happen.

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    It's not nice to break up with someone over the phone, but I guess if that's your situations, you don't really have a choice there. Just try not to do it by a text message. I think that would be kinda silly.


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      If this was a real life, serious relationship, I'd care, but it's not. This is online hooking up. You don't need to be all formal even when you're breaking up. I mean you got to know each other online, so why can't you break up online? If the dude is persuasive, I think it's a good idea to do it from a distance. That way you can stand by your decision. Good luck!


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        I have to agree with MaxwellJacobs's comment. Since it's online dating, I don't see why you need to be all serious and formal with a break up to be honest, it's not even a real break up. So feel free to text, call, email or chat on freehookups haha use whatever the method and get it done. You don't want to hook up too much with men like that. I hate the persuasive, controlling kind...