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  • Heart-Breaker

    Have you ever broke someone's heart? When was the last time you did? I never break hearts but I always end up heartbroken.

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    Last month, I just broke someone's heart because I never liked him in the first place lol


    • Tejal
      Tejal commented
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      This might be the most cold hearted answer that I've read here

    • Aloha3e4
      Aloha3e4 commented
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      Tejal Lol, it's true! Think of a guy who's been courting you for a long time, but does not ring the bell that you're seriously not into him. What else can you do? Break his heart so he can move on and get on with his life.

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    I think I've broken hearts many times before but because I don't love them anymore. I think there's nothing wrong if I'm just being honest with them.


    • Hunnybunch
      Hunnybunch commented
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      Yes, there is nothing wrong with what you did. But if you told them in an off putting way, then you're a huge jerk

    • errania2
      errania2 commented
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      So, you are the one breaking up with the girls and not the other way around? I find it amusing.

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    Originally posted by dorranlou View Post
    I never break hearts but I always end up heartbroken.
    That's a given already honey, since it would be really strange if break with the guy and yet you're the one who's heartbroken by it


    • Tanvil
      Tanvil commented
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      What she means to say that she always gets her heart broken by guys who end things with her first, instead of the other way around.

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    Sometimes, we need to break someone's heart when it is already needed. As much as possible, I do not want to break it with my past boyfriends but sometimes we need to be free and move on from the relationship. The last time was two years ago with my previous boyfriend.


    • Nappies
      Nappies commented
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      Do you think that he really deserved to have his heart broken or it was just a possible outcome of your actions?

    • CrateChocolate
      CrateChocolate commented
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      Right. When the relationship is not working then it is time to let go. How often do you let go of your boyfriends?