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Falling out of love with a fling

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  • Falling out of love with a fling

    I've fallen out of love with my fling when I learned that he's too insensitive. How insensitive you ask? I was talking to him but he'd always change the topic and does not ask me about the things that I'm saying, rude right?

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    I guess he doesn't know the rule about communication, that it is a two-way process. You should dump him and find a new fling that's more interested you, I can see that he's full of himself.


    • Hunnybunch
      Hunnybunch commented
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      Even though he knows the process of communication doesn't matter because it is clear that he is already not interested in her.

    • lizza
      lizza commented
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      It only shows that he is not interested so better quit contacting him. You won't go that far, I assure you. When two people have different interests, then they won't click at all.

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    Is there something that you've said that made him change the topic? Maybe he's uninterested about the things that you're telling him but you don't deserve to be treated like that.


    • muffinthumper
      muffinthumper commented
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      No one deserves to be treated that way. It is outright disrespectful and rude.

    • LaoFood
      LaoFood commented
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      Absolutely. He could have just pretended to be listening and interested to the topic instead of changing it abruptly.

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    It's just a fling, so what's the big deal? Just a reminder, flings should not involve having deep and intense feelings.


    • Jarul
      Jarul commented
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      You can't blame her. Maybe the guy is really attractive and has a nice personality. Anyone would fall for that.

    • Muggs
      Muggs commented
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      Jarul, Correction, that dude is obviously an ass, he changes the topic and shows that he is not interested in talking to her. No one deserves to be treated like that.

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    Oh that's too bad! Why would you fall in love with a fling? But that's not the issue here. So I agree that what he did to you was rude. He should have at least tried engaging in the topic that you want to talk about rather than immediately changing the topic.


    • Lovereso
      Lovereso commented
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      Fling or not, it's rude to act like that. It's not impressive for me since I am a person that's into sensible conversations. I don't ever want to associate with someone like that, I will call him out for his rude-ass behavior and leave him.

    • Pihuya
      Pihuya commented
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      Lovereso I think that you should call him out for his rude behavior. Just leave him without saying anything so that he would need to ask his own self on what went wrong.

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    Based on your story, I do think that his interest in you has faded already. He must have met someone else and he is just too afraid to tell it to you directly.


    • GitMeDun
      GitMeDun commented
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      I agree. I guess it's time for you to make him feel what he made you feel. I suggest that you act like you are insensitive and uninterested in him. I bet he'll change and he'll go back to the sweet man he once was.

    • JayDee
      JayDee commented
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      Aren't you a vindictive one GitMeDun? But I have to agree with what you said. Maybe if he felt what you are feeling, he'll regret being rude and insensitive towards you.

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    Forget about him already. There are much guys out there who will surely treat you the better way.


    • Biggerwave
      Biggerwave commented
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      Exactly, I wouldn't stand to be with someone that rude. Having no manners at all, it's a major turn off for me.

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    I think everyone would agree if I say that it's best for you to start looking for someone else. It's clear that he doesn't want you anymore. Stop wasting you time on a loser like him.


    • Deepah
      Deepah commented
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      Yeah, he should look for someone who doesn't give a shit about the things he says and just listen to him talk all day. I wouldn't be interested in someone like that.

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    He did not want the topic so he wanted to change it. He was not keen to what you were saying. You could have been talking some nonsense ideas so he got tired and bored with it.


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      You know what? You should need to know his interests and converse with him on those topics. If he gets interested with what you were saying then your own topics that you had were non-interesting to him.


      • InspiringMeanFantastic
        InspiringMeanFantastic commented
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        This might work. Try to make the conversations about him and NOT about you. Maybe the previous conversations that you had with him are all about you that's why he was somehow uninterested.

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      Don't give up on him yet. You can still feel the love that you felt before. But I guess you need to get inside his mind. Do your best to engage him in conversations. Give him things that he want and do everything he says. That would put your charm back into his heart.


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        Sweetie, take it from a guy perspective. From what I know, a guy dismisses a conversation with a girl he is not interested with the girl anymore or if he finds the topic boring. What I can suggest you to do is that every time that he doesn't change the topic, ask him to have sex with you. In that way, he won't change the topic again because he wants to keep having sex with you. Simple psychology!


        • BeanStory
          BeanStory commented
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          So, you admit to yourself that you're only in it for the sex and nothing more? Hmm, makes sense but I think the girl is more of a conversationalist that's why she's bothered about him changing or dismissing the topic.

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        This might hurt a little, honey. But I do think that your time is up for him. Based on how he's acting, I guess he's already planning on how to dump you. So I suggest that you prepare for it.


        • Kyarah
          Kyarah commented
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          No, it's best if she'll dump him first. The exact moment when he keeps dismissing or changing the topic, it's best to dump him there.

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        What? Only a fling? Oh, you could dump him now. You do not need a fling who does not want to listen to you. There are other men out there. You deserve someone better.


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          Have you not noticed that he is no longer interested with you? When would you get that sign that he wants you out of his life? He does not want you. Period.