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Dealing with a heart-breaker

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  • Dealing with a heart-breaker

    We all know that he or she has broken us badly and made us feel worse about ourselves. So, if you'd ever encounter another heart-breaker, how can you deal with this person?

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    If he has broken my heart, then I would make him suffer the consequences, I'd hurt him the way he hurt me. Through words? Okay, I'd curse him a million times because his words have badly hurt me.


    • OhMyLorie
      OhMyLorie commented
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      You would just make your life hard cursing someone. Be gentle with your self; just let go of him peacefully.

    • Grateful
      Grateful commented
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      You could curse him a million times, sure, but would that make you happy? Would you become happy getting bitter to the person whom you had loved in the past?

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    Nothing. What else can I do? Do I need to take a revenge? If I take a revenge, what would it be?


    • AliveOlive
      AliveOlive commented
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      No. Revenge is no good. Do not do any revenge that you could think of. Just let go of it.

    • goodstrngr
      goodstrngr commented
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      You could take a revenge, if you want to. The question would be how? And do you think that doing a revenge is a nice move?

    • Perkiness
      Perkiness commented
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      Just don't make any revenge. It would not do anything good to you and to the person whom you had inflicted the revenge to.

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    The best revenge is to move on and be happy without them. It's better to focus on yourself because they no longer matter to your life.


    • Tanvil
      Tanvil commented
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      Exactly, focus on yourself and do not give the slightest attention to them anymore. They are no longer relevant, everything between you two is over.

    • CrateChocolate
      CrateChocolate commented
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      Well, yeah, that is the most logical step. What else do you need to do? You have to move on and try to be happy with it.

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    Break his heart by showing him that you've found a better-looking guy and is much sweeter than him. I'm sure it might even crush his ego in a million pieces.


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      If I got my heart broken for several times, I think I might have learned a lesson already. And that lesson is to not trust people easily and to become vigilant. If a notorious heart breaker comes in my way, I will probably ignore him.


      • janney
        janney commented
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        Or break his heart first, lol. It's easy to spot a heartbreaker especially if he's insincere with the things he does to you. Also, you should be the coach and let him be the player that he always wanted.

      • Aloha3e4
        Aloha3e4 commented
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        How would you know that someone is a notorious heart breaker? Are there signs of it? I wonder how you are going to determine if that person is a heart breaker.

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      If I ever encounter another heart breaker, I will be cautious around him. I won't allow myself to develop some feelings for him because I know that in the end, I am the one who's going to be left crying.