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  • And the person is back

    What would you do when someone you liked had dumped you? Yes, that person dumped you. Of course, naturally, you got sad and cried over it. After sometime, that person started to recontact you. What are you going to do next?

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    Oh, I would be surprised. I would be so happy that I could jump for joy. Finally, he is back and I think that there would be something good to happen. Oh, wait, I should not be hoping, right?


    • Tanvil
      Tanvil commented
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      Do not assume just yet, he's back because it came into his senses that he hasn't tasted you yet. He wants to get into your pants and he's hoping that you're going to accept him back. Are you willing to accept him back as a hookup buddy?

    • goodstrngr
      goodstrngr commented
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      Lol. Of course, you should not be hoping that it would turn out the way you wanted to be.

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    I'd keep in touch with him but only as friends, I'm good as long as we'd only stay friends. We'll just keep it that way.


    • janney
      janney commented
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      Better, it is nice to be friends with a person from the past even if he dumped me. It only means that I'm matured enough to accept the fact that there should be nothing more between us than just being friends.

    • CrateChocolate
      CrateChocolate commented
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      Keep it as friends? But he is the one whom you wanted to have, right? Why would you not take the opportunity to have him?

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    He started contacting me again? Okay, what does he want with me this time? I'm sure if he's asking for a comeback I'd better block his sorry ass goodbye. Best revenge ever!


    • Zach
      Zach commented
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      Don't bring a person back into your life if he has done you wrong. You cried your eyes out when he left and he thinks it's easy for him to just jump back into your life? That's just lame.

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    I am going to get him to develop feelings for me then do the same thing he did to me - I'll dump him. He deserves to feel what I felt when he dumped me.


    • LoveHeadline
      LoveHeadline commented
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      Best revenge yet! Yes, make him fall for you and if there's any chance that he's deeply in love with you already, that's when you'd dumped his ass.

    • Perkiness
      Perkiness commented
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      Oh, no. That is a bad move. As for me, I would take him, care for him and love him more. After all, he is the man whom I really wanted, right?

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    I will ignore him. I can't fully move on if I keep on communicating with him. Besides, he already dumped me so he has no right to contact and talk to me again.


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      I will welcome him back. Finally, the man who I liked the most is here with me now. I would do all the things to keep him.


      • Nappies
        Nappies commented
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        You should've heard yourself right now, Aloha3e4 because you sound so desperate to have someone with you. You know, if he left you for the second time around, then let him be. Maybe he wasn't even meant to be yours after all.

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      When I get dumped, I don't cry over to stuff like than. So, I'm usually sad and if that person comes back to me, I would ignore them I think I shouldn't be entertaining them again because things might end in the worse way.


      • FyUoCuK24
        FyUoCuK24 commented
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        Right! I don't think it would be a good idea to reply to his or her messages if he or she is starting to contact you again. Block them, you don't need them anymore, they left you in the first place remember that!