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  • What do you want from me?

    Why is it that men usually hit up on you months after the breakup? What do they want?
    Do they really want to come back or do they just want sex?

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    Oh, some guys do that because they don't have anyone else to date yet but for me? Well, most of my exes do no hit up on me and ask for sex, some just wanted closure but we're cool now. We're all in good terms actually.


    • HarHappyTricked
      HarHappyTricked commented
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      Well, a closure is a good thing. But the best breakup happens when both of you were happy in the end. You were able to talk to each other before separating ways.

    • janney
      janney commented
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      HarHappyTricked so you're saying that there will be no hookups and dates to be followed since you two have closure? Are there any boundaries for that?

    • grblng78
      grblng78 commented
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      For me, closure must be made on the day of the break up itself. It must end in the proper way so that there would not be any unfinished business.

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    Those guys just want to get back in your pants. That means you're irresistible and your pussy is irreplaceable lol. I'd be laughing my ass off thinking that he will never get a taste of this no more!


    • BeanStory
      BeanStory commented
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      Nope. You got it wrong. He could not just have it for now with someone else, so he tried to turn to you for the meantime just to satiate his urge.

    • LoveHeadline
      LoveHeadline commented
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      All pussies and dicks are alike. What is something special with your pussy? I wonder what could it be.

    • Biggerwave
      Biggerwave commented
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      What makes your pussy special when all pussies are similar? Lol. I bet my pussy looks like yours.

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    One word: sex.
    Yes, that is the only thing that they want to have with you. Why? Could you think of something else? It could be that they run out of other hookups, and then they remembered you so they hit you up.


    • HEYDream
      HEYDream commented
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      I don't think that he's ever going to find other hookups than his ex but it is up to her if she still wants to hook up with him. I guess it could be just once and never again.

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    Few could have come to their senses that you are nice and they wanted to come back and they want to have a continuation of your relationship. If you still like the man, then why not?


      CRAZYHEY commented
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      But just because a person is nice does not give you permission to use and abuse them as you please.

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    They are bored and they had thought of contacting you again just in case you are horny and want some action again.


    • Paylah
      Paylah commented
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      I cannot deny that one because I used to hit up on my exes and asks if they wanted to just, you know, hang out with me like that.

    • AliveOlive
      AliveOlive commented
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      If they usually contact you at night then they must be having a very lonely night. No one likes lonely nights, so what if you give him a chance to have a fun night instead? Lol!

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    Some exes wanted to back into your life and are expecting you to give them another chance. If you think they are that deserving to come back into your life then accept them as they are. You will surely see that they're intentions are real and they really want to be with you again.


    • kranzd
      kranzd commented
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      So, love can be sweeter the second time around? Possibly, but it did not go well between me and my ex, I don't know. Maybe he's just a jerk like he always is unless it is with other guys.

    • Mimsywas1
      Mimsywas1 commented
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      How would you know that their intentions are real? What if they just want to have a one-night stand only?

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    Give him what he wants, sex. That's right, do it with him if you still love him and I know you do. If that were me, I'd agree to be friends with benefits with my ex. I know I'm that irresistible to him and he can have all of me if he wants.


    • OhMyLorie
      OhMyLorie commented
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      I think it's better to be friends with benefits with your ex because it's just plain sex and nothing more and it is with your ex. At least it is done with a random stranger, right?

    • Muggs
      Muggs commented
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      Lol, give him what he wants and tell him to never bother you again, how is that going to work? If you'd let him have what he wants then I guess he will always tell you that he wants to do it again.

    • Lovereso
      Lovereso commented
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      Yeah, that would be better, and I think it's fine if that ex of yours is still single. OhMyLorie

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    As a man, I think he wants to hit up on you months or probably weeks after the breakup because obviously, he still wants to bone you. Yes, he just wanted to get laid and nothing more. Do you want to be friends with benefits with him Happyro?


    • BAKINGre
      BAKINGre commented
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      I think she lowkey wants to bang with her ex-boyfriend months after their breakup. What? How can you not resist fucking your ex? It brings back good memories, not the bad ones, and everybody loves sex, who would even deny that?

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    What do they want? They want to annoy and bother you since then still can't get enough of you, they wanted to tease you a little and see if you'd still want to get down with them.


    • Imhisforever
      Imhisforever commented
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      Some horny women would surely give way. Anyway, that would boil down to preference.