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  • Just abandoned

    What would you do if you were just abandoned? Yes, the word is abandoned. This is not ghosting where someone literally disappeared. This is the literal abandonment. In other words, you were just left behind. And yes, he/she stated some reasons before abandoning you. I termed it abandonment as you did not agree that he/she would leave you. It was a one-way break up.

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    Okay, if you were abandoned, then accept it. You could not hold the man, and ask him to get back to you when he does not want to stay with you anymore. You must also think of the reasons that he gave you and try to correct those mistakes. In that way, the next man that you would have won't leave you for the same reasons.


    • Deepah
      Deepah commented
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      You said it all right, BeanStory. You should know the reason why the man abandoned you, do some back check about yourself and you might discover that the problem all along is with you.

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    Oh, hell. That would be so bad that I would be so embarrassed. What can I do? I was already abandoned. It is not something that I could still go on and catch him back.


    • Biggerwave
      Biggerwave commented
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      Yes. If you were abandoned, do not try to catch the man back. He decided to leave you, so do not do anything that would make you look like a fool running after him.

    • YourHero
      YourHero commented
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      But you could do some bargaining, right? How about making some compromises just to keep him with you?

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    Abandoned versus ghosted. Now, choose.
    Well, it is better to be abandoned as you had known the reasons why you were left behind. Ghosting is somewhat painful as someone simply left you without saying anything. That is, you were just left in the dark.


    • Nappies
      Nappies commented
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      I think both are quite the same but differ in meaning or how you would base your experiences on it. Both events are painful but yes, I would accept that the person has already abandoned or ghosted me, I don't have the energy to give a damn about it anyway.

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    Since you already know the reason why he left you, is it already the time to correct those issues that you have. Once corrected, you would be able to have a better life ahead of you. The thing is, we must learn from our lessons.


    • Grateful
      Grateful commented
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      Yes. That would be a great job to be done. It would be for our own improvement. Let us change for the better.

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    It's better to be abandoned that way, I get abandoned and I abandon people. So, what's the big deal anyway? People come and go and we should accept that concept that everything is just temporary, especially those people who once made us feel special and now they're gone.


    • HEYhewlan
      HEYhewlan commented
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      Would you not change the things that he had said are his reasons why he abandoned you? Would you stay the same after being abandoned?

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    If I were abandoned then it's okay. It is not the end of everything to me. Those people who abandon me does not really deserve me, so it's fair enough for me to accept that.


    • FortuneYumMr
      FortuneYumMr commented
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      They had abandoned you because they had reasons. And those reasons were laid out to you. It is for you to discern and rectify those issues.

    • Jarul
      Jarul commented
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      Yeah. Sometimes, we need to console ourselves to feel better.

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    If my partner wants to break up with me already, I will try to stop him from doing that. But if he really insists, then I should let him go. Because I do not like to force things to go in my way.


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      If I am abandoned, I will probably cry myself to sleep every night. I will drink and party frequently with friends just to forget about my ex. Then I will find someone who can replace him. I know that it will not be easy, but my life must still go on.


      • Happyhorr
        Happyhorr commented
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        I do think that making yourself miserable after the abandonment that you experienced is the right thing to do. What you should do is to make your ex realize what he lost when he left and abandoned you.

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      Being abandoned is something that I do not want to experience. I know that it will make me feel really bad but if he wants to breakup with me, then there's nothing left for me to do. I guess I just need to move on from him as soon as I can.