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Struggles to move on

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  • Struggles to move on

    What could be the best things to help a friend who struggles to move on? Yes, her boyfriend left her. Nope, she did not cheat nor did anything wrong. Her boyfriend left her and got a new girlfriend. She was replaced almost immediately after he broke up with her. That crushed her ego all the more. Now, she had developed a depression. It was so severe that she lost her job. Now, she wallows in self-pity on her place - alone and lonely.

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    Drink with her until the two of you could no longer stand up! LOL. Nope, let us not make it worse. How about if you would visit her often times? Sometimes, a lonely person needs to see that there are other people who care for them. While you are there, you could encourage her to get a life once again.


      CRAZYHEY commented
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      Actually, it is also good to be drunk real hard. In that way, she would have the chance to actually let go of her emotions. That could be a way to release all the bitterness that she has inside her heart.

    • CuteChocolate
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      Is that something that you often do right after a breakup? You drink yourself silly for a couple of weeks to numb the pain?

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    How about if you give her some suggestions on how to have life once again? Why not introduce her to the online world of dating apps and dating sites? In that way, she would begin to look for other people once again. She would be able to forget her loneliness when there are already new activities on her life.


    • Krist
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      Are you suggesting for her to find a guy to have rebound sex with?

    • HarHappyTricked
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      Krist Do not suggest her to have a rebound guy. Suggest to her to have a new boyfriend who would love her unconditionally.

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    Invite her to go out with you. You could to go to some places where she would be able to forget her loneliness temporarily. Why not go out to the mall and go shopping?


    • GitMeDun
      GitMeDun commented
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      Have you actually joined a friend who just broke up with a guy on a road trip before that's why you're suggesting her to go on a trip with a friend?

    • MagicBAKINGBNM
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      If the two of you are planning to shop, you have to make sure that you're not going to pass by places that they often hangout in.

    • dorranlou
      dorranlou commented
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      What are you going to do if she tells you that she's not in the mood to go out? Are you going to go to her place and drag her out?

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    Why not schedule a roadtrip or a weekend vacation with your friend? I bet that would help your friend to forget about her ex.


    • Nappies
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      This is a good idea. But I think that a trip abroad would be nicer. Of course, it would be more expensive, but it would all be worth it.

    • HarSecConspiracy
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      Are you talking about having that road trip the weekend after the break up?

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    Originally posted by FortuneYumMr View Post
    Drink with her until the two of you could no longer stand up!
    Do this and include having rebound sex. I bet she would easily forget her ex lmao.


    • goodstrngr
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      Is this your way of telling her that you're willing to be her rebound sex partner?

    • Mimsywas1
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      But you could not be so drunk and still perform a good sex, right?

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    Your friend is having a pretty hard time moving on and I pity her too what's best is you should always encourage her that being single would still give her a great life and have more time focusing on his goals and career rather than wasting it on a man who will never return.


    • YourHero
      YourHero commented
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      I had been in that stage of my life and my friend showed me that being single is actually better than being in a relationship sometimes. Now I am enjoying my life as a single lady who can do whatever she wants.

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    Moving on is not easy and is a long healing process. You can be a good help to her, let her express all her pain with you and you should be open to comfort her. Tell her that there are better guys around her that can make her happier.


    • BeanStory
      BeanStory commented
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      Do you think that a person should try and set a limit for him/her to get over their ex? Like they need to sad about the breakup for a month or something? Or it can be as long as they wanted it to be?

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    The best way is probably to be there for her, letting her know that she isn't alone, go do the things you enjoy. Help her build up her confidence again it doesn't sound easy that's for sure and it's going to take some time but I've gone through a similar depressive phase when my girlfriend dumped me and I wouldn't have made it out of it if it weren't for my friends.


    • lizza
      lizza commented
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      So which advise are we going to follow? The first one that you've mentioned or this new one?