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  • No Cooking Skills

    This guy I was dating loved his stomach. That man could eat my food and his in one sitting. The problem was that I was not a good cook and I did not like to cook. So of course, he didn't like that. I guess he was looking for a damn maid in the kitchen and I wasn't cut out for that so we broke up. Should I know taking cooking classes, just in case the next man is the same?

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    I find it damn funny. If that is your only problem, you don't have many. If you can't cook, just go to the grocery store for some of those TV dinners and fool him into thinking that you cooked it from scratch.


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      He is a glutten. Don't worry about him. He is just gonna get fat and ugly soon. So, it is a good thing you can't cook cause then you found out how shallow he was.


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        This is some funny shit. You should have put three plates in front of him instead of two so he can pig out and get fucking sick!


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          Girl, you don't need no damn cooking class. You are not the only woman who can't cook. There is nothing to this. Find a man who can cook or one who doesn't give a hoot.


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            I am laughing at how serious I was taking this. Thanks guys. I appreciate your honesty! No cooking class for me!