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  • Wait, Is This A Date?

    What tips can you share when it comes to escaping from your date? Talking about the ones that you're expecting were group dates but it turns out it would be only you and the guy

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    Since he obviously lied to you, just leave him there and if he would try and make you stay make a scene by screaming that the you don't know the guy and he's harassing you


      CRAZYHEY commented
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      Make a scene by screaming and you would be the best drama queen ever. Bring out the best acting in you and you would be good to go. But then, I would not recommend this one. I won't do it at all.

    • Lovereso
      Lovereso commented
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      Oh, please, do not do that one. Both of you would be put to shame should you continue to do the screaming part.

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    Ah, just a simple thing to do. I would invoke the art of pretension. I would deny my real date and would pretend that my date is still of the way to the place. I would wait for 15 minutes before leaving the place stating that my date had some important and unscheduled task to do and the date was already postponed.


    • Happyro
      Happyro commented
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      That's a perfect excuse, you just gave me an idea. Lol

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    I'd ask one of my friend to come and pick me up since I was needed badly somewhere but there lol


    • janney
      janney commented
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      Good for you that there are some non-busy friends to pick you up. As for me, all of them are quite busy during the work days.

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    That's one tricky thing about a group date that turns out to be a one-on-one date. Well, I haven't experienced that but I guess I would just make lousy reasons for not going. Even if I'm bad at lying lol, if he senses that I'm making it all up, I'd immediately block him.


    • Krist
      Krist commented
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      I've got no time for lame-ass excuses, I would just stop talking to her right there since she tricked me.

    • wanny
      wanny commented
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      Why can't you just tell him that you aren't interested? He should face it that you're not into him and he shouldn't be getting his hopes up.

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    A guy actually tried that on me once. Luckily my friends were around the area so I told them to join us


    • kranzd
      kranzd commented
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      You will totally do that to a guy in case you don't find him interesting. Do not feed his ego into thinking you're on an exclusive date with him, bring your friend along.

    • HEYhewlan
      HEYhewlan commented
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      And I'm guessing that you let the guy pay for what they ordered as well? lol

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    Since the friends that he mentioned would not be arriving, I would call mine to be sure that it would still be a group date


    • CarpetMuncher
      CarpetMuncher commented
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      I just hope that you would still talk to the guy and not ignore him with what he did

    • InsideBoa
      InsideBoa commented
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      CarpetMuncher I would still talk to him but there would no dates with him anymore. That was it.