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  • Me before you

    Every time I'm hooking up with someone, they fail to make me squirt or cum. The last time I've squirt several times was with my ex-boyfriend and by masturbating. I've been with guys who always comes first, they always fail to pleasure me. This is why sometimes I don't feel like hooking up at all and I think I'm happy just pleasuring myself. PS Too bad my ex is already with someone new lol!

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    Maybe the next time you hookup with a guy, tell him to eat his pussy until you cum before he's allowed to fuck you


    • lindseysexy
      lindseysexy commented
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      Foreplay makes the job easier for everyone to stay in the mood until they both cum at once.

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    Maybe next time try and be with men who is into long foreplay during sex.


    • Tejal
      Tejal commented
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      Are you exactly the type of guy that you're talking about?

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    I always play with myself that's why I know what or how I should be pleasured. Most of my partners aren't that hard to teach when it comes to things like this.


    • Jarul
      Jarul commented
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      So, what do you teach them? Are they receptive with the lessons that you provide to them?

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    Does it mean if he wasn't seeing anyone, you would go back with him just because of the sex?


    • CarpetMuncher
      CarpetMuncher commented
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      I think she isn't interested in seeing him again lol

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    How about find someone who could make you squirt and have him to be your FWB? I think that that would be a quick solution with your issue.


    • Hunnybunch
      Hunnybunch commented
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      I think that she's currently looking for one considering that she posted about it