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  • Impress me

    What do you do or how do you impress your dates? I tell her interesting trivias to start a deep conversation.

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    I would try and catch his interests and if it's the same as mine, then I guess he's already impressed by that.


    • dorranlou
      dorranlou commented
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      If you two have different interests then he wouldn't be impressed at all but there are some would consider that opposites do attract.

    • sevva3
      sevva3 commented
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      Men and women have mostly contrasting interests. So what are the common interests that you have with most men that you had dated?

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    It's actually a hit or miss whenever I get to impress a guy and I just can't remember how or what I could've said or done lol


    • GitMeDun
      GitMeDun commented
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      Well, it's not that hard to impress a guy. All you have to do is just be yourself and see if he likes you there and then.

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    I just wear some makeup to make me look more beautiful and men are just impressed with that one.


    • krstn10
      krstn10 commented
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      You already look beautiful without makeup on

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    @CarpetMuncher What is your favorite trivia that you usually tell to your date?


    • lindseysexy
      lindseysexy commented
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      Are you even a fan of trivia yourself? You can search for random trivia on the internet, everyday there's a new trivia.

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    It would be that tying a cherry stem into a know trick lol


    • Tejal
      Tejal commented
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      Looks like somebody here is an expert when it comes to using her tongue

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    Not sure if this would impress most guys, but I can easily finish a bottle of beer under thirty seconds


    • Aloha3e4
      Aloha3e4 commented
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      Some guys like a girl that drinks or not, but good luck finding one. Someone who enjoys a keg or bucket of beers with you.

    • Hunnybunch
      Hunnybunch commented
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      Aloha3e4 Then I would find those men who drink a lot in order for me to have them impressed.

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    Ah, I just do some flirty stuffs and everything would be okay. They always fall for it. I like the hair playing the most. They are just mesmerized while I do it in front of them.


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      Originally posted by CarpetMuncher View Post
      I tell her interesting trivias to start a deep conversation.
      Then you date me and tell me those trivia. I would love to hear those but prepare to have deep knowledge on those topics as I want to hear more. Game?