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  • To continue or not

    Oh, there is this one person whom you like the most. You invited him/her, but he/she told you that he/she already has a partner but that partner is not around, say the person is thousands of miles away. Yes, they have a long distance relationship. Would you make some flirty moves to convince him/her to have a date with you or would you just accept the defeat just like that?

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    It's time for me to look for another guy who I can be with, he's in a long distance relationship and I don't want to ruin their relationship just because they're far from each other.


    • Krist
      Krist commented
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      It's not that you only respect their relationship but it's clear that you respect yourself as a person and that is really genuine of you! I'm sure that there are some people out there like you that would choose not to ruin other people's relationship.

    • OhMyLorie
      OhMyLorie commented
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      Yes, let us not destroy the relationship. Even if we want them, we should think what is right to do.

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    Let's see if she would flirt back with me, I will initiate the first move by flirting with her and it will be her decision if she wants to be with me, right?


    • KimmieS
      KimmieS commented
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      Such a sly move you got there! Well, flirting is okay but what comes next would also be your responsibility, you flirted her right? Your intention is to get something from her and if she took the bait, well then, I guess she is determined to get laid with you but no one has to know that she already cheated on her partner.

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    Since I really like him, then I won't give up. Yes, I need to devise a plan in order for me to have a date with him. Anything would do, as long as, he would become mine. I am ready to be a side-chick, if that is needed. Yes, when desperation comes, I would still grab it.


    • BAKINGre
      BAKINGre commented
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      I hope everything would turn out great for your plan. If you're happy with being a side-chick then go for it, you wouldn't want to miss that opportunity since the guy you're pursuing is hot and his girlfriend lives far away.

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    I like him so I would flirt with him. If it was not successful, then I need to look for someone else. I would not become a martyr to continue flirting with him if he was not giving any positive response.


    • LoveHeadline
      LoveHeadline commented
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      Sure, the flirting did not go as planned but you should try other guys out there. There's plenty of guys out there that would love you to flirt around with them, go out and have fun!

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    I guess a date wouldn't be too much right? I'm sure that nothing will happen between us, a night with food and good conversation and company would be okay for me. I have no intention of sleeping with him, swear!


    • GitMeDun
      GitMeDun commented
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      If that is your real intention then it's okay. I would be more surprised if he initiated the first flirty moves to get down with you. I mean, you did not seduce him but maybe he is expecting you to but he might do it anyway.

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    I invited him over then he came, so that means I can have him for my own since he's in my territory. I will make some flirty moves with him to convince him to get laid with me. Why would I feel defeated if his girlfriend is already a thousand miles away from where we both are?


    • Creepy456stranger
      Creepy456stranger commented
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      He will surely give in, it will be your dirty little secret. I'm sure that when he comes over to your place, there would be sex involve so just go for it and have fun with him.

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    No. It is wrong to cheat so it is better to stay away from him and I should move on and get to look for another man.


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      If you like the man, then you could do it. I mean, you could do all the flirty stuffs so that you could have him. But I do not think that all men would be willing to risk their relationship. As far as I know, there are men who are still loyal to their partners.


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        Okay, you like that person. But, does he like you, too? If not, then better stop it. There would be no you and him together.


        • BeanStory
          BeanStory commented
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          Exactly, he's already taken and what are the chances that you have that his girlfriend does not have, eh?