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  • Sudden change of plans

    My friend told me a story about the time when she went out to meet up with her date and says they plan to get laid after the dinner date. He picked her up with his car and as they're making out at the parking lot, she thought that she came but as she checked, her period came. Her date made a sudden change of plans and says that they should order some take-out and eat it at her place to keep her comfortable. So they did and they still had a great time together. What can you say about this?

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    That's a very sweet date but well, of course they will never get laid since your friend's period just came and they can reschedule that plan next time when it's over. Anyway, her date made sure that she is comfortable and that's a rare thing for a guy to do.


    • CarpetMuncher
      CarpetMuncher commented
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      We just wanted to make sure that a woman must be comfortable during those dates, it is best to have back-up plans if the original plan didn't turn out well. The sudden change of plan was okay too, I think it was way better to stay at home if she's not feeling well during her period.

    • BeanStory
      BeanStory commented
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      Are there guys who would do such a thing? I know that most guys would just be pissed off when that scenario happens to them.

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    Her period was pretty bad timing for their plans of getting laid, but at least the guy made up a back-up plan so they can both enjoy the rest of the night together. In the comfort of her home and that's really something.


    • AliveOlive
      AliveOlive commented
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      If her period came unexpectedly, it is not her fault and there's nothing they can do. I would not advise them to get laid as well, and if her date is really interested in her then he will find ways to be with her regardless of any situation that is happening. A real man should not make excuses if he really wants to be with his girl.

    • LoveHeadline
      LoveHeadline commented
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      Eating food only in a house? That would be so boring. It would have been better if they went to a date to a fancy restaurant.

    • Biggerwave
      Biggerwave commented
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      If I were the girl, I would be pissed off. Hello, I was just starting to get horny and then this damn period also started to show up. What a bad timing. Hhmm, could we do it even if I was on my period?

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    Sometimes those sudden change of plans might turn out better than the original plan. Hands down to this man, he cared so much about his date and will surely find other plans to push the date with a better outcome.


    • BAKINGre
      BAKINGre commented
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      She didn't know that her period came and it wasn't her fault, duh. I think the man understood it well that she needs to stay at home since it is her first day, she might not even enjoy the date with him.

    • HEYhewlan
      HEYhewlan commented
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      Yeah, somehow. I wonder what happened to the man after the night. I am sure that they had a work the next day. We all know that it would be hard to work when you had not slept the night before.

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    Are they scared of fucking while she's on her period? Maybe they should try doing it in the shower if they really want to bang. I think period sex is okay too, it helps relieve period cramps and might even help lessen the blood flow.


    • Tejal
      Tejal commented
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      Still, some people do not enjoy those period sex so don't encourage them because it is messy and could be a bit smelly and painful too.

    • Grateful
      Grateful commented
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      Lessen the blood flow? It may seem that it was lessened momentarily as there was something foreign that was shoved up there. Lol.

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    They can have more dates and get laid when her period's over. For now, she should be careful because it just came unexpectedly and besides, no one wants to get period stains all over if you do so many things during those dates.


    • Muggs
      Muggs commented
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      It's true that they can have more dates soon just not now since she's not comfortable having her period and going out places at the moment.

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    Sometimes I don't think that a sudden change of plan might turn out to be great. It's not planned well so how could you manage some adjustments that cannot be possibly changed?


    • Hunnybunch
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      True, I've dealt with countless changes of plans and I think some went well but most of them did not. I think I'm the type of person that prefers everything all planned out. If I can sense that a plan will not turn out to be as expected, I'd rather stay at home and just enjoy the day for myself.

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    What a cheap man! Doing it in a parking lot? They could be caught and be charged with an offense. People should not be doing it in public.


    • Nappies
      Nappies commented
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      Chill out, Imhisforever. They're just making out right before they'd finally head out of that parking lot to get a hotel room. Geez!

    • FortuneYumMr
      FortuneYumMr commented
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      Nappies Nope, I do not think so. By the descriptions of what they were doing, they would have to continue it there.

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    They had a great time eating the take out order? Hmmm, that was a bit strange to me. Most guys that I know would just keep mum about it. After all, he did not enjoy what was supposed to be a good night for him.


    • YourHero
      YourHero commented
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      Lol. I could imagine the faces of most men who were pissed off as they were not able to achieve what they had in their original plan.

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    As a woman, you could predict when would be the next period. Of course, you should not schedule any dates that would involve sex on those dates.


    • MagicBAKINGBNM
      MagicBAKINGBNM commented
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      I think periods come out unexpected like the time was having sex with someone, we're unaware that her period came. I was quite shocked to see that she's bleeding, I thought she's just wet but I saw blood on my dick, but because of that, we stopped having sex there.