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  • The meetup

    You met this guy and says you two should meet up. This will be your first date with him but he proposed this idea for you, you must come to his place in his hometown. The deal is that he'll pay for you (the expenses, accommodation, food, fare, etc.), so would you like to go to him or would you insist that he must come to you?

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    If he will literally take care of everything and just wanted me to show up, then I should come and show up. I have nothing to worry about and just go to his hometown and let him spoil me.


    • lizza
      lizza commented
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      That is how meetups should be. I mean if he's the one insisting then you should meet up with him regardless if he has to shoulder all the expenses, he insisted and has it all planned, so go and make this meetup happen.

    • kranzd
      kranzd commented
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      Awww I know it is sweet of him to do that so the least I can do is to meet up with him. It's that simple! Soon after he must come over to my hometown and I shall return the favor as well.

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    If that were me and my date wouldn't like the idea then I guess we should meet halfway but I will still insist to her that I'll take care of the expenses because I am the guy and I insisted this meetup with her. I wanted to pamper her at our first meeting.


    • FyUoCuK24
      FyUoCuK24 commented
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      You're really sweet, huh? I hope guys will be more like you, I mean it is kind of you to handle all the expenses since you insisted on it.

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    No thank you, I think it would bebest if he'll come over to my hometown and I will make reservations for our place to date. I don't want him to spend thatmuch for our date. It would be great if he gets to try and visit my favorite restaurant here.


    • Tanvil
      Tanvil commented
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      So, you two are going to stay in your hometown? Why not propose to him to meet halfway and have some adventures in that particular new place? I think it would be unfair for him if you decline his offer to his hometown and you wanted him to come to yours instead. How about you two should meet halfway, it would be much better.

    • Hunnybunch
      Hunnybunch commented
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      Tanvil is right it would be unfair if you would suggest to him that he will be the one coming to your hometown. It would be better if you two would settle meeting halfway or somewhere that you two are familiar with.

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    WOW, this is a rich man, if he invites me to come over to his place then I would go in a heartbeat! Not only I wanted to meet this man but I wanted to know how it feels like being pampered by him.


    • LaoFood
      LaoFood commented
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      So, you never dated a rich man before? Well, now is your chance to meet up with him, do not miss this! He will handle all the expenses and all he wants is for you to show up, just show up and it will mean a lot to him.

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    Since I am a lady, it is given that he must be responsible for all of this. Now, he is really impressing me already. He wants to take full responsibility for me as his date to make our first meeting memorable. That's what I really like and he gets it!


    • MagicBAKINGBNM
      MagicBAKINGBNM commented
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      Of course, can you imagine that this man would be willing to do anything just to be with you? To him, you are his lucky catch and you should be happy about it and must return the favor for him by showing up to his place.

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    He sounds like a sugar daddy already. Wait, is this sugar dating? Oh, I would love to be spoiled by him, yes. I will tell him that I will prepare my things and get ready to meet him up.


    • CarpetMuncher
      CarpetMuncher commented
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      I don't think that counts as sugar dating already. The only time it would count as a sugar date if it would end up being a monthly thing and she gets paid for it . All the guy was willing to pay for her is her accommodation and fare

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    well just to be safe if he has the money to accommodate you why can't he just come to you
    is it not a bit suspicious that he is willing to pay for everything but not willing to go over in your
    city? I mean if your brave go-ahead but don't overestimate yourself


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      I would decline his offer and suggest that we meet half way each others location or it would be at my location


      • Mimsywas1
        Mimsywas1 commented
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        So if he doesn't agree with that your suggestion, will that be the last time you're going to talk to him?

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      He is the man, so he should be the one to come to me if he desires me. There is no haggling anymore. If he does not want, then it is not my loss.


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        Ang why would you do that one? You would look like a cheap travelling slut if you accept his invitation. Why not ask for a service fee to complete the package?