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    My dad keeps hitting on my friends, it is weird. My parents are separated, my mom is making a good use of her free time whereas my dad has gotten so weird at times I feel like a girl my age might end up being my potential step mom! Thing is my dad is in 40`s but he looks young, has a charismatic personality so he can easily sweep anyone off their feet. I plan on making his account on this site so he can at least find someone his own age or is that a bad idea? Is something up with men of this age to be attracted to young girls more?

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    You are actually so funny lol I think your dad would never ever marry a young girl. These charismatic personalities are always mature and would have fun with anyone but won't end up marrying someone of their kid's age. I know this is not appropriate and hope that somebody as similar problem as your dad who can help you out with this. It is certainly weird to know that an old man is so attracted to young ladies like wtf? Why is that so? But I guess he is just passing time you know. Nothing too serious. Why can't he just do something productive like your mom.. I think he has never been ambitious and I doubt if he was ever serious with your mom too. These charismatic are all same.. men are dogs in fact. Old men are dogs' lol jokes apart. I know that young girls are aesthetically pleasing and its cuz your dad must not have been a one woman's man.. He must have been a playboy since his young times. He might just be playing around with a few girl but if someone turns out to be your step mom, it's at least going to be someone mature enough and not ur age cuz what is have noticed is that these aesthetic old men have urge for sex all the time but they won't marry someone whose an immature piece of shit, no matter how hot or sexy. Trust me. I am a human psychology analyst and I have analyzed situations like these very often. You should stop worrying. In fact, be more open and talk to ur dad about this. You'll get a fair idea of what he is expecting from his life. Tell him the girls he has been seeing are of your age or you know them if u really do. So in case he needs a long term relationship he will be like oh crap he has to stay away from his son's friend circle, so that way you'll be away from all the embarrassment.


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      I am an ethics teacher as well. So here's a bit from the global ethics. As per a famous person called john locke, every person has right to life, right to LIBERTY, Right to HAPPINESS and other rights such as property etc. at this place remember you dad's right to have full liberty and happiness. He isn't cheating your mom cuz they are separated. So now, if he wants to date a young girl.. teenager, someone in late 20's or someone whose above his age, you literally have no right to stop him or feel embarrassed. You have described him as a charismatic person, as a charming hot personality. if I were on your place I wouldn't have been embarrassed even if a girl of my age became his wife and my step mom. Cuz that's his choice. If you have given enough space to ur mom to do what she wants to do, to achieve in life or whatever... your dad must get all his space too. Broken families are themselves very harmful. You're stuck too and I know ur situation. But yeah make an account for your dad.. Help him having fun and living his life fully!


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        I think it's just with the men these days that they are attracted to girls of small age or those in late 20's or even teenagers at times. No wonder why teenage pornography and stuff has increased so much... just because these old men are sexually attracted to young girls too. I am in my late 40's. In fact I turned 45 last week. 45 is a beautiful age for men and women both and being one from this age I believe that I usually do get attracted to young, active, wild n sexy women. Like it's so normal. I have dated a girl who was 20 when I was 40 and she was one of my best dates. But we broke up cuz then it became long distance relationship. She was energetic and she made me feel better about everything in life. She desires so much from me. While if I compare this relationship with the one I have now, its so boring.. and I think its cuz my girlfriend is 38 in age and she's just more boring than her age. I don't know if that's with age or its just depending upon the person. But if ur dad is attracted to any such person, let it be.