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    Listen there I`m 44, I`m bisexual and guess what? I`m not rich! What is people thinking just cause we have reached that part of life we`ll be rich? Weird stereotyping. Also yeah you don`t need money to be happy, my girlfriend loves this bad boy. This is to all you sad 40`s out there, if I can find someone you all have hope too!

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    I love how you have come up with this idea that late 40's should not be fucked up. I don't know why for people at 40's has become a matter of being down or being too done with life that they lose hopes on keeping a relationship. Bruhs your penises still have the potential if you are in forties, hoes you still can have those push up bras and be all sexy at the beach at 40 as well. Older women are more graceful, older men are more bold than anyone in 20's than why finish the aura just because of age limitations? Our society is just too freaking much! They don't leave a chance to degrading someone who's just a little more in age. Break the stereotypes just like this person in the question has broken the stereotype. It's so good to see self developed people like these... like I get inspired too from this. Who says no money no girlfriend? If bisexual, no girlfriend? If not this and that blah bla bla.. there's so much people keep saying. But besides everything, one needs to be very confident and hopeful regardless of being rich, regardless of any gender or age specifications. Cuz all these are just the limitations laid up by the society, nothing else. Screw the world and live it fully.. if you feel down cuz of any reason like you are a bisexual or so .. Know that you are meant to be amazing.. you can have a girlfriend.. cuz this person here is proving it with his own example! I appreciate you. Lots of love and respect for you! Hope you keep going in the same way!


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      Oh my Jeez! I am a bi sexual too and I have been so fed up of life. I don't have money. I am broke af! I don't have a girlfriend too... or maybe it's like I never was motivated to find one cuz I used to think all girls are gold diggers and won't date me before I am rich enough? But this has changed my perspective totally. Like literally. I am so inspired from all what you have said. Now that I know it's possible to be happy with a girlfriend being a bi sexual with the fact that I am currently struggling for money... it's like I have got a new life, a new hope to be someone. If this is so inspiring for me, I am sure it must be very inspiring for all those late 40's too who keep running their business or lie down like a lay couch potato. The dating world is ours and we surely have opportunities in it to be happy and to feel worth it!


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        What an inspiration