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  • Are The Men On Here Worth Meeting?

    I've tried other online dating sites, and I'm finding that for people over 40, it can be really tricky to do the online dating thing. Maybe it's the sites I'm choosing. I'm wondering about the men on this site, and if anyone has some good success stories that they wouldn't mind sharing with me, I'd really appreciate it. I'm looking to meet some men that I can spend some time with and have fun with. I'm not looking for anything really serious right now, but at the same time, I'm not opposed to anything turning into more. What kinds of experiences have women had with men over 40 on this site? What kinds of suggestions have you had? I'm not looking to get into dating younger men, or anyone under the age of 40, so thanks in advance, but I'm just looking for information on men who are in my own age range. Thank you.

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    If you're really not into dating younger men, that will really narrown down your choices - and that might not be a bad thing, either. I've only dated a couple of men over 40 on this site, and the experiences I've had have been pretty good. Just be aware of the fact that men at that age can tend to come with a lot of baggage from their past relationships, and they can tend to bring it all right in. Thankfully the men I dated on here weren't like that, but men I've met outside of the online dating world have definitely been a bit of a challenge. I think that if a guy is in his 40's and he's on this site, he probably knows what it is that he's looking for, and he's obviously actively seeking it. There are definitely quality men, and you'll be able to navigate this site with much more ease, since you're choosing to stick with men in your own age range. I have no doubt that you'll find some good ones.