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  • Do You Find Using This Site Beneficial?

    I've been using this site here and there to talk with some men but I'm not sure that I'm entireley comfortable with going on dates with guys that I meet on here. I've never really done this before and I'm not really sure what to expect. What kinds of experiences have some others had on here? Do you find that this site is a beneficial one when it comes to meeting men that are worth spending time with? What kinds of tips do you have? I'm looking for any information that anyone feels like sharing. So thanks in advance.

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    There are some great guys on this site for sure and if you're looking to meet the best men possible on here, the key is to take your time. If you're looking for hookups that's something completely different but when it comes to looking for quality men, you first want to make sure that you're attracting the men that you want to hear from. Make sure that your profile has the kinds of pictures that are sending out the right message and that your information indicates that you're looking to meet guys who actually want to take some time getting to know you. This helps you to weed out a lot of the unlikelies right away. Once you start hearing from guys, you'll want to navigate the message as best you can. Do that by being picky and not afraid to move on if you're not interested. If a conversation isn't really going anywhere, or it's going in a direction that you're not interested in, you can leave it be. Save your time for the guys you're really interested in, and take your time getting to know as much as you need to before deciding to chat exclusively or before deciding to actually meet someone. This could be one of the best experiences you have with online dating if you take the time to connect with the people who are best suited for you. I absolutely recommend it, and I've met lots of men on here, younger and older that I've had a great time with. Until you are fully confident with using the site, keep posting any questions, etc that you have here in the forum. You'll find the people on here to be very helpful.


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      I hope you don't mind a man's perspective here. Yes, this site is definitely a great place to meet great people over 40. I've been meeting women on here for a while now and I've had some great dates with women whose company I've really enjoyed. I would absolutely recommend this site to anyone over 40 who's looking to meet people, that they can have a good time with. tarrah_2 is right as well. It's best to take your time to weed out the unliklies and spend the most time talking with people that you're having really good conversations with. Don't feel bad about dismissing those that you don't really have a connection with. They'll move on and start talking with someone else. Have fun with this. It'll be second nature to you in no time, and you'll be able to make good connections quickly. Happy dating!


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        Okay this is all great information and thanks as well to claudio957 for a male perspective as well. I appreciate it. I think that I can see a better approach than I've been taking so far, so I'm going to go with that and see how things go. Thanks tarrah_2 as well. I really appreciate everyone's feedback here and if I have anymore questions at all, I'll definitely come back and post them. You're right. This has been very helpful!


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          Once you get better at navigating through all of the users on here and finding those that you are most compatible with it will continue getting easier and easier. Take as much time as you need to take to feel as comfortable as you need to feel. Anyone who is really interested in getting to know you is going to be totally okay with that, and will give you space. If not, they'll probably move on and that's okay, too. It's easier when they move on, on their own. Good luck and above all else, have a really good time. You're sure to have some great experiences and to meet some people that you'll have a great time with.