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  • 40 and beyond

    I know that it would still be many years before I hit the age of 40 but I am a bit curious. At the age of forty and beyond, what do women want? Sex, companion, or both?

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    I am not sure but I guess that they are looking what we are also looking so that would be both a companion and sex. Or for older women, say 60 and beyond, maybe more on companion.


    • lindseysexy
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      I agree. That's why there are sugar relationships for women ages 60 beyond who just needed a companion.

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    It really depends on the woman. But based on the women that I know who are at that age, they would go for both


    • Tejal
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      I'm positive that I would go for both too.

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    Are you afraid with what would happen to you once you hit that age? Because if that's your main concern, I would suggest that you try and find someone to settle down already


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      I think that I would go for both until my libido goes down


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        Why not try and find someone who's in that age already. I think most of the ladies here are not that old


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          Do you feel that you're still going to be single once you reach that age? It is all up to you to decide on whether you have plans of settling down or not