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  • Continue the affair?

    You have a dated a 40 something guy. After some weeks of communication, you began to fall in love with him. Later, you learned that he is still married to his wife but they they are already on a shaky and rocky road. Would you continue your affair with that man?

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    Do they have a plan to have a divorce? If yes, then sure, I would continue my affair with that man as long as he would marry me, afterwards.


    • muffinthumper
      muffinthumper commented
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      Whoa, slow down there, consider dating him first before marrying him. Sheesh! You should know the reason why they had a divorce, maybe the guy is at fault here? So, I'm telling you right now to be careful!

    • InsideBoa
      InsideBoa commented
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      Me, too. As long as they would get a divorce then I would wait for him.

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    No, I wouldn't. Well, not until they get a divorce. I don't want to become his mistress. That would be so disgraceful on my part.


    • MagicBAKINGBNM
      MagicBAKINGBNM commented
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      That's nice of you, be patient enough to wait until they've completely got divorced. Wait until he comes up to you looking for comfort, be the one who will comfort him well.

    • Nappies
      Nappies commented
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      You are a girlfriend but not a mistress. Those two are different.

    • FyUoCuK24
      FyUoCuK24 commented
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      You could keep it as a secret affair while waiting for his divorce with his wife if you do not want to be disgraced.

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    Even if their relationship is already shaky, I won't continue my affair with him. Because if I did, that is considered as cheating and I refuse to be an accomplice to that.


    • Tejal
      Tejal commented
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      I am so happy that there is still a guy like you in this society. Most guys would continue the relationship despite knowing that their partner is already taken. I commend you for thinking that way.

    • errania2
      errania2 commented
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      Him? Seriously? lol. Anyway, okay, yeah, you are right. It is still cheating.

    • Mimsywas1
      Mimsywas1 commented
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      They could even get back together and if that happens then you would be the loser.

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    I will not pursue our relationship even if I am deeply in love with him. I bet my feelings will slowly fade after I knew that he is still married. I am not the type of woman who wants to meddle with someone who is unavailable and worse, married. If I had known that he's still married, I didn't let myself fall for him.


    • Krist
      Krist commented
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      Would you really do that? I hope that most women think like you. I hope that they respect the marriage and the wife of the man that they are having an affair with. But from what I observe, most women are the other way around.

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    My answer is no. I wouldn't want to break a marriage up. Their relationship may be shaky now but there is still a chance for them to fix it. However, if I continue my relationship with him, that chance will surely be gone.


    • krstn10
      krstn10 commented
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      Those are the times that we could give out someone for the sake of others. Well, that is a noble way.

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    Never in my whole life will I involve myself with someone who is already taken. I wouldn't want to stoop down that low.


    • sevva3
      sevva3 commented
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      True. As they say, there are many fishes in the sea. So I think the best thing to do is to stop the relationship and just look for someone better and available, of course.

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    I know the feeling of being cheated on and it hurts that's why I won't continue our relationship. But if they finally get a divorce and the guy and I still have feelings for each other, then I guess that will be the time that I will pursue our relationship.


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      No, I wouldn't do such a thing. I don't like him cheating further on his wife because of me. I strongly believe that my feelings would pass and that I could get over him.


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        It is already rocky. Soon, they would gonna split up and the man would be mine. Shall I wait for them to break up? Of course, I need to wait and I hope that it would gonna be real soon.