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Got married the second time around

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  • Got married the second time around

    What can you say about two people aged beyond 60 years old, both widowed, who met up and fall in love with each other, then got on to marry each other?

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    Well, that is what they want to have. It is their life, so we do not need to interfere with that they want to do. There is no law prohibiting that they wanted to have, so they must go for it.


    • Paylah
      Paylah commented
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      Right, they could afford another wedding ceremony then they should go for it but it has to be genuine for both of them so the wedding would not be put into waste, whatsoever.

    • AliveOlive
      AliveOlive commented
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      But how about their families who interfere with their decisions? Families may seem to hinder things that make you happy, but then again, the decision should be made final between those two old couples.

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    They should have done it a long time ago when they were still young. Anyway, we could not blame them when they had other lovers when they were young. At least, they are happy now.


    • kranzd
      kranzd commented
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      And I think it is okay if they both agreed to it, right? Both parties wanted them to be happy as well during the ceremony. I can imagine how they all had a great time together.

    • grblng78
      grblng78 commented
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      Yes, we should be happy when other people are happy with their lives. It is like even if it is not our own life, we share the feeling that they have.

    • FortuneYumMr
      FortuneYumMr commented
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      Most of them did not have the chance to even if they were lovers in the past. They got to marry other people at their youth, and when they were old, they got the chance to see their former lovers and decided to re-marry them after their partner had passed away.

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    Originally posted by LoveSandDrummer View Post
    What can you say about two people aged beyond 60 years old, both widowed, who met up and fall in love with each other, then got on to marry each other?
    I have not heard of annyone beyond 60 yrs old and got married again, who could be that lucky bride? Was it true love? Was it just a sugar baby like that?


      CRAZYHEY commented
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      If it's true love between that 60-year-old man and that sugar baby then it is truly meant to be. As long as the woman is just 20 years old and beyond.

    • HEYDream
      HEYDream commented
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      It says two people aged beyond 60 and they're both getting married again. So, I don't think that it is about an old man and a young woman.

    • Biggerwave
      Biggerwave commented
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      No, it is not sugar dating thingy as both of them were on their senior years. I had read some stories similar to what the poster had shared.

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    I think thhey can do whatever they want even if they're 60 beyond, who cares? If they both want to get married with each other, fine. Go ahead.


    • Tejal
      Tejal commented
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      If they want to get married the second time around, I think it would be great and besides, they both love each other right? So I think that what they feel towards each other is true love.

    • BeanStory
      BeanStory commented
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      Yeah, nobody objects so they could do it. But I have known that in some instances, the children would object it as they think that it is no longer proper and necessary to be flirting once again and in their old ages for that matter. Lol.

    • LoveHeadline
      LoveHeadline commented
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      There is still a chance for them to be happy. Look, they fell in love with each other. Love in old age. Hmmm, something to think about.

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    Uhm, aren't they too old to get married? I mean if they're living together, I think it should stay that way. No marriage or any ceremony is needed. If they're getting married the second time around, I think it wouldn't be nice since they're way too old.


    • CarpetMuncher
      CarpetMuncher commented
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      Who says that you're not allowed to get married the second time even if you're old? They are free to get married the second time around because I'm sure that they're both widowed anyway. Plus, they deserve to be happy, everyone deserves to be happy.

    • Lovereso
      Lovereso commented
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      Nah, I just heard it from a friend. CarpetMuncher

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    If they're widowed already then whhy is it normal for them to get married the second time around? I know they have moved on from their departed love ones but why the need to get married again? Because I think that it won't be necessary to do that.


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      Wait, they just met up so how can they be in love with each other that fast? Is it really love that they're feeling? They better not get married because it's all happening way too fast. Soon they might regret getting married the second time around during their 60s, how can they possibly enjoy that huh? I cannot even imagine.


      • janney
        janney commented
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        I think they should not get married the second time around and I agree. It's just a waste of time, money, and effort if they'd ever want to get married.

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      How can they fall in love when they just met? They're just getting started with their relationship so why would they even thought of getting married in such a short period of time.


      • Imhisforever
        Imhisforever commented
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        Why? Because they are running out of time. Remember that they are already in their senior years. They won't have much time left. They won't have another hundred years, would they?

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      Well, at least they still got married. They could have opted to have a cohabitation, instead.


      • Grateful
        Grateful commented
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        What? Cohabitation when they are already in their senior years? I think that they should just enjoy the remaining years of their lives.