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  • Workplace is boring

    Joined an internship recently, I don`t like it there. There is no work for me as such, I go there ask for work, I get done with it and after that nothing! I don`t like again and again going and knowing they`re giving me work just for the sake of it. So what should I do? Sadly I have to sit there till whatever time allotted can`t even leave early, it`s getting on my nerves now. I literally have to drag myself out of bed. There`s no one of my age there, also I don`t want to be that person who does nothing I want to do something I just don`t know what!

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    Why don't you leave and get another internship? This is so wrong, they mostly do that, internship is to learn and grow but they keep you sitting in one place and teach nothing. I think you should switch start looking for better places to work in.


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      Change your internship, or tell them that you are facing this problem like you have been given no work and this isn't how an internship is. This is what most of the startups do which is so weird, because it does make you crazy. Why did they place you when you have got no work to do? What you should do is rather than taking it on your nerves; get on their nerves. Disturb them again and again when you are done that is the only way they are going to start treat you right. Are they paying you? If not then leave if yes then get on their heads and dance - make them crazy!