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    I know this has nothing to do with sex, but I am curious and I want to know your stories. Did any of you ever experience anything paranormal? I'm not looking for the conjuring type of haunting, just the creepy and unexplained things. The creepiest thing that ever happened to me was watching my bathroom door open and close by itself... then nothing.

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    I can't think of any. If I experience something unexplainable I'll send you a message.


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      I think that's not scary at all. Your mind is just playing tricks with you.


      • dorranlou
        dorranlou commented
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        I agree with you. She's just fooling herself.

      • jerranour
        jerranour commented
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        I agree, maybe it was just the wind and she is just overreacting.

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      You're just scaring your self. Lol


      • 59Alpha
        59Alpha commented
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        Yep, that's the first thing that came up to mind after reading her post.

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      Are you sure that it wasn't the wind that's making the door open and close?


      • Tanvil
        Tanvil commented
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        Yeah, that might be the reason why the door was making that kind of ruckus

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      I would suggest that you just go those sites that have those kind of sites


      • Aloha3e4
        Aloha3e4 commented
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        Leave her alone. She's lonely and horny and wants sex. Let her be.

      • OhMyLorie
        OhMyLorie commented
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        Aloha3e4 Well, okay. If you say so.

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      Don't have stories to share since I'm sure that I've never been in a situation that was creepy


      • janney
        janney commented
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        What are you doing here then? lol

      • Paylah
        Paylah commented
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        janney I was just checking up the comments. lol

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      There was a room in our school that was rumored to be haunted. Because every time a class would be assigned there, the lights with never stop flickering


      • lizza
        lizza commented
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        Not a paranormal but an act of neglect on the part of who's in charge there. They need to change and buy new light bulbs.

      • HarHappyTricked
        HarHappyTricked commented
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        lizza Lol! Then that was not paranormal at all.

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      I think I would be the last person who would notice such a thing


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      You should have contacted a paranormal expert to examine your house. Lol


      • Mermaidwas
        Mermaidwas commented
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        LMAO! I still don't believe in a paranormal expert. I think they are just some fellas who love making up that kind of stuff.

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      You all guys were watching too much horror movies. There is no such thing as paranormal. sorry for being a skeptic but that is what I believe in.


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        This happened when I was young, I was alone at our house when the lights started going on and off.


        • Hunnybunch
          Hunnybunch commented
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          Maybe somebody from the Upside Down is trying to send you a message lol

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        Why the sudden interest with the paranormal? goodstrngr


        • Mimsywas1
          Mimsywas1 commented
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          Lol! Would also like to ask that question to her.

        • muffinthumper
          muffinthumper commented
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          sevva3 and Mimsywas1 Maybe she just wanted us to share our paranormal experiences.

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        I do not believe in the paranormal world, I am always a skeptic when it comes to those kinds of things.


        • kranzd
          kranzd commented
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          Same here. Why would I believe in such things?

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        I was alone at our house when I heard a knocking at our door. I opened but there was no one outside. It kept repeating for 30 minutes but I ignored it, it was just probably some kids playing pranks.