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  • Prom

    Do you still remember your first prom night? How did it went? Was your date that night your dream date?

  • #2
    It went actually well although my date at that time was not my dream date.


    • #3
      Just went to the prom with my friends as a group since most of us were not asked


      • GitMeDun
        GitMeDun commented
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        If we're classmates during high school, I would definitely ask you out

    • #4
      If you're talking about a school formal, sadly I didn't went at our school formal since I was recovering from an appendectomy during the day of the event


      • CRAZYHEY
        CRAZYHEY commented
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        Do you feel bad about it or not?

      • Nappies
        Nappies commented
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        That was a bad timing, but oh well, your health is more important than that.

      • Hunnybunch
        Hunnybunch commented
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        CRAZYHEY Of course, I felt bad about it but just a little

    • #5
      It was just a normal event for me. Nothing special happened that night.


      • Perkiness
        Perkiness commented
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        Did you have a date or just hang out with your friends?

    • #6
      It was one of my most unforgettable moment. I've got the chance to confess my feelings to my crush o and found out that he has a crush on me also.


      • 59Alpha
        59Alpha commented
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        Were you able to have sex with him that night?

      • janney
        janney commented
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        59Alpha No, we just had a kiss.

    • #7
      Wasn't able to be with my crush during the prom, but was able to make out with her during the after party


      • Girlie23
        Girlie23 commented
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        Well, that's great!

    • #8
      As far as I remember, Nothing special happened during our prom night.


      • #9
        Nothing special happened during our prom night. Just a regular prom night for me I guess.


        • FyUoCuK24
          FyUoCuK24 commented
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          You're not alone. I also had a regular prom night

      • #10
        Never went to it since no one invited me and I think that it was just a waste of time


        • KimmieS
          KimmieS commented
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          Same here. We really don't do that in our place.

        • krstn10
          krstn10 commented
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          Why do you think that it was a waste of time?

      • #11
        My first and last prom was ok but boring.