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    What are some of the pettiest things that you and your partner have fought about?

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    The most common ones like, the toilet seat being covered with pee, where we're going to eat, and what show or movie we're going to watch


    • Jarul
      Jarul commented
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      True, especially the toilet seat, it was disgusting.

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    Fighting over the sheets when we're in bed. Also the proper place to squeeze the toothpaste tube


    • JayDee
      JayDee commented
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      You wouldn't have any problems when it comes to those things with me

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    When one of us is obviously not listening to the other one while telling a story


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      We've fought because of an online game. She wanted me to give her my high-level account that I've worked on for the past 3 years.


      • Girlie23
        Girlie23 commented
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        What was the game that you guys were playing?

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      I remember the time when we fought about who will be the one who will take care of our dogs.


      • Hunnybunch
        Hunnybunch commented
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        Don't you think that's a little bit shallow to be the start of your fight?

      • Mimsywas1
        Mimsywas1 commented
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        @HunnybunchI agree with you, and besides dogs are adorable so who wouldn't want to take care of them.

    • #7
      Which one of us would be sleeping over the other persons place


      • sevva3
        sevva3 commented
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        So who usually wins when the two of you argue about that?

      • Muggs
        Muggs commented
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        She always wins. lol

    • #8
      We always fought on who will do the laundry.


      • KimmieS
        KimmieS commented
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        I bet you were always the one winning.

      • kranzd
        kranzd commented
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        KimmieS Or it was the other way around. lol

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      Most of the time it was the basic ones, like chores, where we're going to eat, etc...


      • goodstrngr
        goodstrngr commented
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        I agree with you. But the when it comes to the chores, it would happen when you decide to move in together

    • #10
      Me not calling him for a day although I already explained to him that I'm busy at work.


      • #11
        When I am talking and he's busy checking out his social media accounts instead of listening to me, that's what I find the most annoying of all.