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    What is the strangest gift that you ever receive in your life may it be Christmas gift, birthday gift, Valentine gift, wedding gift, anything?

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    A dildo, I received it during my birthday from my best friend with a note saying " You've been single for a long time now, here's something that can at least easy the loneliness of your pussy."


    • HEYhewlan
      HEYhewlan commented
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      I think your friend was just concerned with your well being lol

    • janney
      janney commented
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      Mine was a vibrator, and until now, I still have it with me.

    • wanny
      wanny commented
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      I hope that you already found a boyfriend so that you don't have to use that dildo anymore.

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    The gift wasn't the strange one, it was the way he placed the gift on a huge box. It was like opening those Russian nesting dolls. Took almost five minutes to open all of the boxes


    • Happyro
      Happyro commented
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      How many boxes did you have to open before getting your actual gift?

    • krstn10
      krstn10 commented
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      That's a good prank to do, hmmm, I might do this on my friend's birthday.

  • #4
    My friends got me a male stripper who gave me a lap dance during my birthday


    • InsideBoa
      InsideBoa commented
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      Did you enjoy the lap dance or not? And are you sure that all you got was a lap dance from him?

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    I think the weirdest Christmas gift that I have received was a can opener.


    • kranzd
      kranzd commented
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      Lol! I wonder what was your reaction after opening the gift.

  • #6
    A friend of mine was able to get those wines that have a snake inside them and give one of them to me. Just used it as a display at my place and I have no plans of ever drinking it


    • Paylah
      Paylah commented
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      Lol! that's really weird.

    • Perkiness
      Perkiness commented
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      I heard that this kind of alcohol is actually healthy on the body.

  • #7
    Mine was dried fish, it is the worst gift that I've ever received.


    • Girlie23
      Girlie23 commented
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      Lol! That's kind of gross.

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    The strangest gift that I ever received was a piece of wood.


    • lindseysexy
      lindseysexy commented
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      Who gave you that? Lol

  • #9
    The strangest gift I received was a box full of crumpled newspaper.


    • JayDee
      JayDee commented
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      Maybe there is a little item hidden there. lol

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    Remember giving a gift to my brother a panty for Christmas. His wife was so angry at that time. Lol