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Fave sex toy.

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  • Fave sex toy.

    What is your favorite sex toy to use whenever you are horny and want to masturbate? Mine would be my vibrator.

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    Some of my favorites are the hitachi and 10 inch dildo


    • FyUoCuK24
      FyUoCuK24 commented
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      What setting that you use on the hitachi?

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    I often just use a dildo and stick it either on the floor or wall and pound on it really good


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      Mine is this, it's a remote controlled vibrator.


      • CRAZYHEY
        CRAZYHEY commented
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        This sex toy is actually amazing, I can wear it anywhere without anyone noticing it.

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      Anal beads, I used it all the time. I know that most people don't find this sex toy appetizing but I love inserting it to my ass.


      • KimmieS
        KimmieS commented
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        Are they the ones that have different sizes or it they're all the same size?

      • Mimsywas1
        Mimsywas1 commented
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        KimmieS I love experimenting so I choose to use different sizes and shapes.

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      I don't have a sex toy but if I were to have one. I like this one. (Sybian)


      • Hunnybunch
        Hunnybunch commented
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        This the first time I see something like this, how do you use it exactly?

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      I like my ohmibod. a lot but I missed place it so, I'm planning to have that on my birthday. Lol


      • grblng78
        grblng78 commented
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        Why not asked your boyfriend so that he can get you one for your birthday.

      • lindseysexy
        lindseysexy commented
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        grblng78 I'm single so your suggestion is not applicable. Lol.

      • Krist
        Krist commented
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        lindseysexy I'm happy to get you one if you like, sweety.

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      I would love to own a strap-on dildo and use it as a display when I'm going to have a guy over just to scare the shit out of him lol


      • janney
        janney commented
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        So you have no plans of ever trying that strap-on dildo on a guy?

      • CarpetMuncher
        CarpetMuncher commented
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        If getting pegged by you would be the only way that I can have sex with you, then I'm willing to do it errania2