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  • Would you rather?

    Would you rather be famous when you are alive and forgotten when you die or unknown when you are alive but famous after you die?

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    I'd rather be famous when I am alive so that I can enjoy and savor the privileges of being famous.


    • GitMeDun
      GitMeDun commented
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      I also like to be famous while I am still alive I don't want to be like a hero. lol

    • muffinthumper
      muffinthumper commented
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      GitMeDun Well, I think that we had a lot in common then.

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    I think it would be better to be famous while I'm still alive since I can take advantage of my popularity in promoting a cause that I believe in


    • Nappies
      Nappies commented
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      So what are some of the causes that you believe in?

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    Since I don't have any plans whatsoever in being famous, it would be better if it would happen once I'm dead. So that I won't be bothered by it lol


    • Jarul
      Jarul commented
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      What would be the reason why you would be famous just because you're dead?

    • CrateChocolate
      CrateChocolate commented
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      Guess that there's nothing that you or they can do if they find out the bad things that you've done before, right?

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    I would prefer to remain a nobody while I'm alive and even after I die


    • FyUoCuK24
      FyUoCuK24 commented
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      Why? Don't you want to be recognized and be remembered perhaps?

    • goodstrngr
      goodstrngr commented
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      There are people who don't want attention so just respect it. FyUoCuK24

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    I don't really care when it would happen, but I hope that the reason as to why I became famous is a good one and not because of some stupid shit that I did


    • HEYhewlan
      HEYhewlan commented
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      So you don't want to be famous the way the guys on the show Jackass did?

    • lizza
      lizza commented
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      Or you don't want to do the Kim Kardashian route? lol

  • #7
    I would rather be famous when I am alive. Being famous has many benefits and I like to experience that.


    • #8
      I like to be famous when I am dead. I hate attention when I am still alive.


      • Aloha3e4
        Aloha3e4 commented
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        I guess you are introvert.

      • Girlie23
        Girlie23 commented
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        Nope, just don't want too much attention.

    • #9
      Being famous when you die is the best, at least I can be remembered by generations.


      • #10
        Neither, since I don't want to have the burden of being some sort of role model to others


        • HarHappyTricked
          HarHappyTricked commented
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          Do you feel that if you ever end up being famous, they would look at your past and see your mistakes?

        • InsideBoa
          InsideBoa commented
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          HarHappyTricked Not really, I just hate unwanted attention.