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For All The Wrong Reasons

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  • For All The Wrong Reasons

    Have you stayed or been in a relationship for the wrong reason? Like you just enjoy the sex that you're having with the person, showers and spoils you with gifts, etc...

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    The first few relationships have been like that. Like I don't want to feel left out since all my friends are in a relationship
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    • KimmieS
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      So how many months your relationship lasts?

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    Actually done both things that you've mentioned before and it made me feel bad afterwards


    • muffinthumper
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      But have you ever loved them even for a little?

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    Does staying with her because she's hot and I enjoy having sex with her count?


    • janney
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      It would count if your feelings for her is already gone

    • InsideBoa
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      You better make sure that she's enjoying the sex as well because if she's not, there's a chance that she's the one who's going to dump you

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    Yes, I did that once and regret it because I realize he really loves me that much.


    • Lovereso
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      So how did you tell him that you are just playing and do not feel anything on him?

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    Yeah, I just like the attention I am getting from him.


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      If it's just for sex, the most would be two months. Otherwise, I would break up with him since there's no good reason to stay in that relationship. I don't want to end up cheating on him just to be happy


      • CarpetMuncher
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        But do you really think that you can cheat on the guy that you are seeing? Or you're just stating the worse case scenario?

      • errania2
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        I prefer the second one. lol

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      Not really stayed, but more of saying yes in being in a relationship since I'm the only person who's single among my friends. This happened when I was in high school


      • Nappies
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        Did the guy eventually find out that you just said yes to him because you don't want to be left behind?

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      If I feel that the relationship is headed nowhere, I would tell the guy that it's over between the two of us