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    Basically, the Natural cycle is a birth control where you have unprotected sex in a scheduled way. The process is the female will take her temperature every day and enter her data in an app. The app will calculate when the female is ovulating and the app will tell you the days when it is safe to have unprotected sex. Did you try using the natural cycles? Is this effective as the professionals say it is?

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    Have never tried the app that you're mentioning, but I suggest that you should read the reviews about the app and there's a possibility that they mentioned the success rate of the method that they're using


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      If you're planning to use that method, it would be safer to do it if you're in a serious relationship or married. Using that method on your fuck buddies and random hookups might back fire on you and there's a chance that you would end up having STD since you're having unprotected sex


      • Tejal
        Tejal commented
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        Yeah, especially if she is promiscuous, using a condom is still the best way.

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      I think this app is for couple who are planning to either have children or avoid having them. Not sure this is something that I would suggest for my friends to try


      • lindseysexy
        lindseysexy commented
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        Yeah, you're right about that. It's more for couple who are in a monogamous relationship rather for any woman who just enjoys doing it without any protection

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      You should try and do a bit more research about that app and also try to consult a doctor rather than just rely on what the "professionals" say about it


      • Nappies
        Nappies commented
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        Isn't one of the professionals is a doctor?

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      I never heard of this and I am not willing to try this, using a condom is still the best birth control for me.


      • OhMyLorie
        OhMyLorie commented
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        I agree but would like to try it once.

      • CarpetMuncher
        CarpetMuncher commented
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        Are you sure that you haven't heard of it before? Or you might be absent when they talked about that in Sex Ed class

      • Lovereso
        Lovereso commented
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        CarpetMuncher Yeah, I never like the sex ed class, I felt it was a useless subject.

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      I am willing to try if you can have a person to tell me that it is effective and safe,


      • Zach
        Zach commented
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        If you really need it, you'll need to try it yourself

      • Krist
        Krist commented
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        Zach that's the problem, nobody has mentioned the name of the app that they're talking about

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      What is that app if you don't mind sharing it to us.


      • errania2
        errania2 commented
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        Are you thinking of using the app so that you can let him go raw on you?

      • Hunnybunch
        Hunnybunch commented
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        errania2 I think that is her purpose for asking.