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Are Fake Orgasms A Deal Breaker For You?

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  • Are Fake Orgasms A Deal Breaker For You?

    If you caught your partner faking it a couple of times already, would you consider it as a valid reason to end the relationship?

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    If multiple times already then yes. That would be a valid reason to end the relationship. There is no sense to continue anymore.


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      No, he could fake his orgasm all he wants but I would not end my relationship with him. Hello, I would enjoy every time we bang each other so I won't care if he fakes his orgasm.


      • Mermaidwas
        Mermaidwas commented
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        Are you still going to sleep with him if the two of you are starting have problems?

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      I would try and talk to her and see why she's been faking it. But I would have the feeling that we're not a good match when it comes to sex


      • FyUoCuK24
        FyUoCuK24 commented
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        Enough with the talking but do some actions with it lol

      • dorranlou
        dorranlou commented
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        Have you tried faking an orgasm before? GitMeDun

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      Not sure that a guy can fake an orgasm since they're easier to please during sex unlike us ladies


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      I have faked at orgasm at least once with all of the guys that I've been with. And luckily enough, I haven't been caught


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        But I had never seen any man who faked his orgasms. All of them had their orgasm and enjoyed me.


        • muffinthumper
          muffinthumper commented
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          Sounds like your interested in sleeping with someone who's going to fake his orgasm lol

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        Most guys don't fake their orgasms because they're easier to please not like us ladies