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    What do you and your friends often do whenever you go out drinking? Are you the type who would play drinking games, watching movies or tv shows, or talk about anything and everything?

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    We used to just play console fighting games while we're drinking, but these days we would just talk and catch up with what everyone is up to


    • dorranlou
      dorranlou commented
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      As time flies, being an adult means catching up with your buddies and with a couple of beers sounds like a good chill-out.

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    Chat. What else would be gonna do? We need to be updated with who the boyfriend of each one. We need to know who are the hottest men around for those who do not have boyfriends.


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      Yes. Scouting.
      Scouting for cute men inside the bar!
      Oh, yeah!


      • Perkiness
        Perkiness commented
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        I bet your sight would be running all over the corners of the bar just to find the cute men that could be potential flirt mates. I know, I used to do those moves, too. LOL.

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      We usually drink as a group of high school friends, we just talk about so many things.


      • janney
        janney commented
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        What? High school and drinking?

      • HEYhewlan
        HEYhewlan commented
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        janney what he might be saying is that he still drinks with his high school friends

      • Nappies
        Nappies commented
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        After so many years had passed and you are still together as drinking friends?

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      Watching movies while drinking at home. But actually, the movie is being shown but we do not really pay attention with it. So, it would have to be talking anything that we could think of.


      • Krist
        Krist commented
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        Those are the best kind of bonding, you just talk about things and not being distracted by the movie or anything at all.

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      I usually drink alone and not with friends. It's better to drink alone than be with friends who are always on their phone.


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        There days, we would just talk about anything and everything that's happening with our lives since we don't hangout together as often as before