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  • Same old routine

    This is an off-topic question but what do you guys usually do on weekdays before and after work to make the days seem a little less boring?

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    Try doing exercises in the morning with a co-worker or a friend, any physical activity that can help boost your energy. You should make plans before and after work to shake up your whole weekend into something interesting.


    • Nappies
      Nappies commented
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      Weekend? Do you mean weekdays?

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    Learn a new hobby, a new language, a new skill. I always learn things know, use the internet as well and do some research. Feed your mind with new and different information work or not work-related.


    • Perkiness
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      Why could you learn a new hobby, language or skill without someone teaching you?

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    I would go and have a few drinks if it was a long day at work. Otherwise, I would just try and find something to watch on Netflix


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      There's no set routine for me during weekdays. It can either be the following: go out and drink with workmates, do the laundry, sleep early, and eat out with friends


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        Weekdays, you say? I would watch early morning and late evening news.


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          Most of the time I end up going out for a couple of drinks with my workmates just to relax


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            Just put my playlist into shuffle mode while enjoying an ice cold bottle of beer after a long day


            • CarpetMuncher
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              So who are some of the bands or artists that are on your playlist?

            • janney
              janney commented
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              CarpetMuncher My favorite beer brand would be Bud Light. As for the artists, there are too many to mention.