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  • Active dating apps

    What would you do if you discover that your partner has active dating site apps on his/her phone and he/she is actually using it discreetly to meet new friends?

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    I will create new accounts on those dating apps and will actually add him as a friend and would send flirty messages.
    I will make sure that he would be sweating profusely upon seeing me on those dating apps.
    Revenge, you say? No problem, I could have it in a dramatic way.


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      I would confront him about that, ask him why would he even be there if he already has me?


      • #4
        I would ignore it. As long as I am the true girlfriend then that would be enough for me. He could date anyone he wants and I would not mind at all. At the end of the day, I would still be the girlfriend.


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          I would download those apps, then I would sign up as someone else. Befriend him and meet up with him.


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            I wonder how you "discovered' that he had a dating app on his phone. Because if you've done it behind his back, you might end up being on the losing end of the argument since you went behind his back. I would suggest that you make sure that you saw it while he was around