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  • Give up what?

    Here's a random off-topic question: would you rather give up breakfast, lunch, or dinner? I would rather give up dinner because I'm already contented with BRUNCH lol. I don't need much energy during the night.

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    I'd rather lose breakfast since I always wake up late.


    • 59Alpha
      59Alpha commented
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      When you're a heavy sleeper and always on-the-go, you'd always skip breakfast and I think it's not a healthy routine.

    • kranzd
      kranzd commented
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      59Alpha They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so we should not skip it.

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    I can give up lunch since I feel full after eating heavy breakfast and will just eat early dinner.


    • lindseysexy
      lindseysexy commented
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      I always skip lunch as well, unless we have a lunch meeting at the office, of course, I wouldn't say no to that!

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    I could give up my lunch. I would eat a lot for my breakfast then eat a lot again for my dinner. In that way, there would be no need to eat at my lunch.


    • GitMeDun
      GitMeDun commented
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      Yes, I would give up lunch as well. Especially when I'm a busy person during afternoons. I also eat heavy breakfast or probably eat at least a light meal for dinner.

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    I could give up dinner to keep my current voluptuous figure. I should remain to be sexy.


    • KimmieS
      KimmieS commented
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      Well, you can at least eat light dinner just in case you're hungry. That's what I usually do.

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    I actually eat only two meals a day during weekdays because my work starts in the afternoon. I would just have brunch and the next meal that I would have will be my dinner


    • wanny
      wanny commented
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      I barely eat dinner if I have my afternoon schedule, I would just sleep it all off.

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    I can't give up 3 of them. I always eat since I can cook and I sometimes treat myself out for desserts or takeouts.


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      Since I'm not really a morning person, it would be breakfast