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Same drink, different scenarios

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  • Same drink, different scenarios


    Last week, I got drunk at the bar. After that, I took a cab ride home.
    During the ride, I started crying and I was talking to the driver.
    But I couldn't remember what I've said, at least I got home safe.

    Of course, everyone has those drunk moments, care to share yours?

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    The last time I got seriously drunk was with a guy who stayed at my place on our first meet up. He confessed to me that he was an ex-convict and it didn't matter to me since he has a huge pack, that's why I ended up having sex with him. The second round was really rough and he came inside me. It was one of those moments when I get usually drunk and ended up having sex with bad boys. I guess my mom was right, I'm a bad-boy magnet and they're always up to no good. Sometimes I think to myself that I regret having sex with some of them, but not him, he was great. I just hope that I wouldn't end up sleeping with a serial killer or a psychopath.


    • Zach
      Zach commented
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      Grateful, sooner or later you might end up with a psychopath if you keep inviting guys over to your place to have a drink. Why not meet them up out on a bar? I'm just concerned since you've mentioned that you've already hooked up with an ex-convict.

    • Tejal
      Tejal commented
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      With the things that you are doing, it could be that one day, there would be a chance that a serial killer would be your date. And no, you won't have sex with him as he would gonna murder you on your own bed. So, be careful. This kind of shit happens. Really.

    • Creepy456stranger
      Creepy456stranger commented
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      I kinda like those bad boys type. You know, I like to have those thrills when it comes to sex and most of them would provide the things that I want to have. The tattooed men who are great in bed.

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    I did not know that drunk men would also cry inside a taxi while going home. Are you sure that you did not hit up with the taxi driver?


    • wanny
      wanny commented
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      Eeewww. What a pitiful crying man. Maybe you told the taxi driver that you were not able to take the girl whom you approached for a hookup? lol.

    • Kyarah
      Kyarah commented
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      Here comes a crying baby. What a shame. lol. No, seriously, a man crying and telling things to a stranger. That should not be done at all. Maybe you were so drunk that you even peed on your own pant.

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    I have many drunk moments. The last one? I woke up in the morning but not on my bed. I was on someone else's room and I could not remember how I got there. That is called a partial blackout.


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      My drunk moment would be the time I was with my ex-girlfriend and we ended up shouting at the bar arguing about memes and politics. I didn't know what happened next, I just woke up in a motel next to her and she was naked, while I'm still wearing my polo with no boxers on. I don't know but I find it the weirdest drunk slash blackout moment I've had.


      • AliveOlive
        AliveOlive commented
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        I'm pretty sure you missed out all the fun! Yeah, you two ended up with make-up sex to settle an argument but then again, you couldn't remember what else had happened and how you two ended up like that. But why or how did you two broke up? Is it because of the heated argument about memes and politics? LOL!

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      How funny it is that some people always drunk-dial their exes, but that's not one of my drunk moments.
      I guess one of my drunk moments would be pretty much about getting up tipsy, from the table and walking like a zombie towards the toilet just to take a piss.


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        There was this one time that I manage to have an hour long bus ride while I was blacked out drunk. Ended up waking up in my bed in the middle of night surprised that I was able to take that bus ride and knowing where to stop


        • Aloha3e4
          Aloha3e4 commented
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          How sure are you that your friends didn't take you home? Maybe they helped you get home and just didn't know about it considering that you've mentioned that you're blacked out drunk when you went home

        • lizza
          lizza commented
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          Aloha3e4 No, there was only me on the bus. No other friends were on the bus. It was a partial blackout. The idea is that while you are doing the current thing, you are aware of it; but when you could not remember it anymore due to incomplete synapses on the memory.

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        I once confessed my feelings towards this guy that I became close with in college. Since I was really drunk when I told him that, he just dismissed it as just drunk talk and acted normal. He started to avoid me when I told him that what I told him that evening was the truth and not just a drunken babble


        • OhMyLorie
          OhMyLorie commented
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          LOL. What a pathetic story of yours. Sometimes, it is better that we keep our secrets to ourselves. There are times that those drunken moments give us nothing good but disasters.

        • dorranlou
          dorranlou commented
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          OhMyLorie Well, you are right. Of course, I learned that one after that disaster. I could not turn back the hands of time. It was already done. Past is past. I wonder where he is now. lol.

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        My drunk moments? I have several of them. Most could not be remembered and were only told by my friends. The most embarrassing was I got drunk in a house party. When the party was over, everybody left except me and my three friends. I had a photo slumped on the couch.


        • CarpetMuncher
          CarpetMuncher commented
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          I could imagine that it would be more embarrassing if you have your panties hanging out when you were slumped on the couch, or maybe your makeup was all over your face lmao!

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        Why did you cry all of a sudden? I hope that you've given the driver a huge tip considering that you might have freaked him out