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  • Should I go for it?

    Some may not believe this but I think I already met the man of my dreams. There is this guy that I met on a dating site. He is smart, talented (he knows how to cook), handsome (very!), and respectful. We've been talking and he said that he wants to meet up over coffee. If you were me, will you go for it?

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    Well, I think he is definitely worth a try! Go and meet with that cutie. Maybe you are right and he is already the man that you have been dreaming about.


    • CuteChocolate
      CuteChocolate commented
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      She must keep her composure and try to impress him a little more. She must not overdo her flirting skills he might even find her awkward or he might as well be turned off by her, lol!

    • Imhisforever
      Imhisforever commented
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      Do not be too optimistic. You have not seen him yet. Although first impressions last. Well, sort of.

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    If I were you, I would give the guy (or in my case, girl) a try. It's just a coffee date anyway. But I commend that guy for asking for a coffee date during your first meeting. Some guys always ask for some drinks in a bar and you already know what happens after. Anyway, be safe!


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      Definitely! Why are you having second thoughts? You said that you think he's the man of your dreams and based on what you stated, he seems like a nice guy for asking you to meet him over coffee. I have a feeling that he's a mature and responsible man. He's already a good catch sevva3!


      • Girlie23
        Girlie23 commented
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        I'd want to meet that guy! Kidding, well, I just hope that I can find a decent man like that. He invited her over a coffee why can't she just say yes immediately?

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      Yes! Go for it. You have already found who you believe is the right man.


      • CRAZYHEY
        CRAZYHEY commented
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        If there's nothing holding her back then she should go for it. she does NOT want to miss this kind of chance!

      • HarHappyTricked
        HarHappyTricked commented
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        Belief is different from actuality. Anyway, she should still go on to find out if he is the man that she had been looking for.

      • InspiringMeanFantastic
        InspiringMeanFantastic commented
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        Hold on! You may go and have a coffee with him but do not think that you could be together as quickly as that.

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      Go for him. Have a date with him to know him more. This is your chance to have the right man - a man of your dreams.


      • GitMeDun
        GitMeDun commented
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        I think it's best if we get to know about the guy's side if he really likes her as much as she wants him. We don't want her ending up with false hope/s thinking that he thinks that he's the girl of his dreams too. Just my two cents.

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      Is cooking already a talent? Lol. I am just curious if it is a new talent now. Maybe, it is.


      • Muggs
        Muggs commented
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        Cooking is a skill, you can learn from it even if it's not really your expertise. Cooking is easy if you usually watch someone in the kitchen cooking and preparing meals.

      • krstn10
        krstn10 commented
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        Well, they say the most men are good at cooking. That is why most chefs are males.

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      Meet up over coffee is far better than meet up over alcoholic drinks. Trust me, you would b able to talk on the coffee shop. Grab that chance to know him better.


      • YourHero
        YourHero commented
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        You're right, they can talk over coffee or brunch at broad daylight and it's nice to know that he respects her that much instead of hooking her up at a bar late at night.

      • ChocolateLove
        ChocolateLove commented
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        You know why he wanted to have the talk over coffee and not over alcohol drinks? Because at the coffee shop, the lighting is bright. He could easily see your appearance. Should he take you to a bar, the lights there are dim and everyone looks good. Got what I was trying to point out?

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      Sorry but you are expecting too much. He wanted to meet over coffee to have some talk. He just wants to be friends with you and nothing more than that. Stop assuming for now; you might get hurt with your wrong assumption.


      • BeanStory
        BeanStory commented
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        Lol. How did you know that he only wants to be friends with her? Did you have dates who took you to coffee shops and made friends with you? Just friends only.

      • BAKINGre
        BAKINGre commented
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        Well, the man is not yet that interested with her. He invited her over coffee. That means that he wants to know more about her before deciding if he would continue or not.

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      Instead of going to a coffee shop, you should go into a bar and get him drunk. Why? Because when a person is drunk, his true personality would come out. So, go ahead, and see his real personality.


      • Mimsywas
        Mimsywas commented
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        Oh, what a clever idea! You got me thinking over there. Yeah, when a person is drunk, he shows his real self. I could use this strategy for my dates. Lol.