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  • Exhibitionism

    This is a deviant behavior, but what can you say about people who do exhibitionism? Mostly, this condition is seen being performed by men.

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    It is quite disturbing when I've seen one before and it was a man behind the ticket booth of a Ferris wheel in a local carnival at our town. I was going to ask him how much the tickets were but as I draw further, I saw him playing with his junk then I awkwardly walked away and never came back.


    • Hunnybunch
      Hunnybunch commented
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      So he was at work and also did an extra work at his workplace? I do not think that it was exhibitionism as he did not flash it anyone. He was only jerking off at the moment that you caught him. I guess that your eyes were wandering at that time?

    • LoveSandDrummer
      LoveSandDrummer commented
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      He was having a good day, then there you were and ruined everything. Lol.

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    People who do exhibitionism has a serious mental health issue. Clearly, they are not in the right mind to be doing that in public, no one wants to see such indecency by playing with yourself being seen by others. Right?


    • InspiringMeanFantastic
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      For us, it is a case of mental health issue, and yeah, that could be the case. But, let us go to the perspective of the people who do exhibitionism. On their mind, they do those things as it makes them happy.

    • kranzd
      kranzd commented
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      Nope. There are people who also want to view those kinds of stuffs. They are called the great viewers. Lol.

    • muffinthumper
      muffinthumper commented
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      Hmmm, I think that they are in their right mind. Why? Because they have chosen to flash themselves in front of lots of people. If they are not on their right minds, then they should have done the flashing privately! Lol.

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    So, does public sex counts to exhibitionism? I'm honestly not sure about it but I think public sex is done for the thrill of getting caught and it is done because you two cannot keep it any longer.


    • Girlie23
      Girlie23 commented
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      Uh, no! Exhibitionism is when a person shows his genitalia in public. Sometimes they would even jerk it off a bit and would displease most people who would see it.

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    Guys often do exhibitionism and it is quite sad when I usually see people like this. They're suffering from a serious mental illness that they cannot control, thus, they do this in public. But some people are often mad about this act and are disgusted when they see one.


    • dorranlou
      dorranlou commented
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      Those people do not understand that it is already a serious mental disorder, but it is okay for them to scold them since they're not behaving decently in public and of course, no one wants to see that. It is causing them distress when a random person flashes his or her genitalia in public which is not a normal thing to do.

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    Exhibitionism is a disorder and those exhibitionists get really excited when people just to look at them as they're playing with themselves. Once they've had the urge to do it, they can no longer stop themselves but just do it in public. Well, except maybe if someone calls them out on their behavior, they will actually stop.


    • Tejal
      Tejal commented
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      Would they really stop when someone calls them out? People would naturally be shocked with the act that an exhibitionist performed.

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    I don't exactly know where those exhibitionists get all that guts to show themselves in public. It is not a good thing to do since there are a lot of people outside and they're just showing their naked selves out there like it's nothing to them? I do not understand.


    • Ucchala
      Ucchala commented
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      They're sick, as in mentally, not a normal person would do these things in public. No matter how sexual a person is, he or she can still manage to keep it in his or her pants. But for exhibitionists, they've got nothing to fear, they'd find ways to expose themselves and if people are helpless they'dd usually feel dominant.

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    I don't know if I'd feel sad for them, yeah maybe show a bit of concern but I would choose to look away or just ignore it. There's nothing we can do to those exhibitionists, I cannot call them out but just let them expose themselves as long as they aren't harming anyone.


    • Krist
      Krist commented
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      They do not harm anyone but seeing what they're doing in public causes distress and distraction to some and in fact that it is inappropriate to do that in general.

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    I remember back when an exhibitionist was roaming around town and once chased a bunch of schoolgirls while stroking his dick. They were running around like a cat chasing mice and no one had the guts to help these girls nor stopped this man. They were so scared of this exhibitionist, but it turns out that he is a hobo wandering around town.


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      It is a mental condition, so I guess that those people need some mental intervention.


      • KimmieS
        KimmieS commented
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        Not sure that there is medication for that mental disorder

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      Not just men but also women. There are women who would just flash their boobs. Well, those are mostly done online when they have sex chats.


      • jerranour
        jerranour commented
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        Is that even considered as exhibitionism? Huh, I didn't know. But anyway, yeah I'm also guilty of flashing my boobs online, but that was in high school. I don't consider doing that one again.