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  • Interested in sex?

    Maybe, I was 14 years old when I started to get curious about sex. I was young then, but I guess that at that age, most teens would already begin to seek what sex is. But what can you say about those younger people like 10-year-old children who are already interested in sex? Of course, they are not curious in a way that they want to have it, but basic curiosity on what sex is all about.

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    I think that those children should already be taught about sex. I am talking about sex education. In that way, they would already know what do to when they get older. Yes, technically, they are children, so, I guess that adults should be careful in dealing with the education on what sex is all about.


    • LoveHeadline
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      I think it would be hard for me to explain to my kids this kind of topic, sex. Of course, we do not know what goes on in their minds since they have a perception of their own. So it's a bit tricky to educate them about sex by giving them knowledge about it and giving them proper precautions about it.

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    Ten years old? Don't you think that 10 is a bit TOO young? And I don't think in some cultures or countries, kids at 10 would be so eager to learn more about sex. I think I might as well consider kids at the age 12 to 13 to be curious about it.


    • LaoFood
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      Well, I think that times have changed. Younger children are getting curious on what sex is. I think that it is a trend a would continue to be pouring into our society.

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    Sorry but I don't think that at the age of 10? I don't think that's fucking possible. Maybe the curiousity for the word itself, we can tell them about the birds and the bees all that shit but they wouldn't go any further with their curiosity about sex.


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      I think these types of children are advanced and ahead for their age, what you should do is to counselling with them and guide them about safe sex and what sex is really for, make them understand that there is a lot of caution in regards of this topic and make sure that your choice of word is something that they can understand and process.


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        This is a good, chance and time to let them learn safe sex education so that we can prevent any accidents, kids are very curious creatures if they don't understand things they try and force to get the information, If they get too curious they might do it themselves and may cause unwanted surprises, so let's start by guiding them early.


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          Why are we talking about this exactly? Did you have a nephew or niece who suddenly asked you about sex?


          • Perkiness
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            Maybe she finds it strange that kids these days learn more stuff at an early age unlike before

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          Just because they're curious or interested with sex it doesn't automatically mean that they want to do. Why not talk about sex like the child is an adult. Tell them the pros and cons of it. Because if you let them discover it by themselves them might accidentally end up getting pregnant or get someone pregnant


          • Muggs
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            Don't you think that ten is a bit early for them to learn about the birds and the bees?