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Wanting big women

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  • Wanting big women

    I have a friend who has a regular build when it comes to body standards. He is tall, lean and handsome. What I do not understand of him is his appetite for obese women. Yes, women who are too fat. I am not kidding! He likes those big women. What can you say about those men wanting big women?

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    Oh, could we say that wanting big women is a fetish? They might have the urge to fuck those big women as they are more difficult to handle. That could be one of the reasons. Or maybe, they have other reason which I am not aware of.


    • LoveHeadline
      LoveHeadline commented
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      Well, actually, there is a term for that one. It is called fat fetishism. See? The condition really exists!

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    I think that it is a some kind of fetish. They want those obese women because they are soft to touch. They are also given some extra attention when it comes to fucking them. Well, I think that it would be a challenge to fuck them.


    • wanny
      wanny commented
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      If that is a fetish, have they given a name for it already? If there is no name yet, what could be a good term for it?

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    But why would they want those big girls when there are so many sexy girls out there? I know that most men would want to have those sexy ladies. I find it weird. Well, if they are also big men, then I could understand that they would also want those big women.


    • MagicBAKINGBNM
      MagicBAKINGBNM commented
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      It is weird but at least the fat girls would not feel ashamed of themselves because someone wants them.

    • Jarul
      Jarul commented
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      Guess that it hasn't crossed your mind that he's not into girls who are thin or sexy.

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    There are so many lean and sexy women out there, so why does he need to look for a big woman? Finding a big woman is not an easy task as we know that all of us are keeping our bodies in a sexy shape.


    • HarHappyTricked
      HarHappyTricked commented
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      But there are still big women out there. Okay, I guess that it is already a fetish if there are sexy girls around yet someone still looks to have a big woman.

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    Now, I would like to ask if there are differences on big women vis-à-vis lean women. Do they have something that lean women do not have? Well, I am not pointing out the difference on the weight as that is already obvious.


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      They want those big women simply because of lust. Yes, they have lust for them. It could be by sheer curiosity coupled with lust that they want to bang big women.


      • Happyro
        Happyro commented
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        Men lusting for big women? This is kinda weird to me. I know that most men want to have sexy women and those sexy women are all lean.

      • goodstrngr
        goodstrngr commented
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        Why did you immediately equate it as lust? Are you thinking that big women don't deserve to be loved?

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      What's wrong with guys who are into BBW(big beautiful women)? Just respect his decision if he's into women who are plus sized.


      • BeanStory
        BeanStory commented
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        So you are open to BBW and you are willing to date them?

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      I'm guessing that you're into the guy that you're talking about that's why you're asking us what he sees in her?


      • JayDee
        JayDee commented
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        It is possible that she's jealous that's why she's talking trash towards her.

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      What's wrong with that? You're making it sound like you're supposed to date people who are the same body type as you.


      • CRAZYHEY
        CRAZYHEY commented
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        There is nothing wrong, but we are living in a whole where we should date people on the same category as what we are.