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  • Too many?

    It is given that our friends are mainly based on our genders. Men would have mostly male friends while women would have mostly female friends. But what can you say about women who have too many guy friends?

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    Hmm, that is strange on my view. Well, it is fine to have some male friends, but if the number is higher than what is considered as regular, then something might already be wrong.


    • Pihuya
      Pihuya commented
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      Why do you think that it is wrong for a girl to have way too many male friends?

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    Well, I could say that she is very friendly. So friendly that she even has too many male friends. For me, it is always good to have many friends. When we have varieties of friends, our lives get merrier.


    • LaoFood
      LaoFood commented
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      But I think having too many friends is not really good because it would be hard to know who your true friends are.

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    I wonder why she has too many guy friends. Could it be that she has been flirting with some of those guys already? I do not want to judge her, but I guess that she has been doing something that only few naughty girls do.


    • CumbersomeMome
      CumbersomeMome commented
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      Other girls just feel more comfortable being with guys rather than with girls. Don't assume that if girls have more guy friends they are already flirting.

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    Oh, I guess I know why. How about saying that she is a flirty and naughty woman? If she has many female friends, then she is a friendly woman. Now, if she has too many male friends, I could say that she is more than a friendly woman. Oh, I know the proper word: accommodating!


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      And why would be mind what she wants to have in her life? It is her life, and she is free to make friends with anyone whom she likes to have.


      • Perkiness
        Perkiness commented
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        Some woman prefers to be with male friends and they feel much more comfortable being with them so don't judge her.

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      Maybe she grew up with mostly guys that's why she's more comfortable hanging out with them. There's nothing wrong with being a tomboy. Also just because most of her friends are men, it doesn't mean that she sleeps with all of them.


      • OhMyLorie
        OhMyLorie commented
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        What made you think that she was a tomboy? What made you assume that she also slept with most of those guys?

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      Originally posted by HarHappyTricked View Post
      Also just because most of her friends are men, it doesn't mean that she sleeps with all of them.
      This sort of thing also applies to guys who have lots of female friends. They don't sleep with them and are not gay.


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        I would just think that they're the tomboy type that's why she hangs out with mostly men.


        • lindseysexy
          lindseysexy commented
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          That could be a reason, but if she flirts with those men, then I do not think that she is a tomboy.

        • Tejal
          Tejal commented
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          Or maybe not. She just feels more confident and comfortable with the attitude of guys rather than flirty attitudes of women.

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        I'm going to think that she's the type who doesn't want too much drama in her life. Because most girls tend to be clique-ish. Like if one of your friends hates a person, you're forced to hate her as well.


        • MagicBAKINGBNM
          MagicBAKINGBNM commented
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          Have you had those kind of friends who tend to have a herd/mob mentality when it comes to the people that you're supposed to hate?

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        All I can say its normal unless your thinking that she is part of a gangbang which makes me think that somehow you're mind is getting dirty at this one haha!


        • Paylah
          Paylah commented
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          Good one but don't always think that women would be overpowered by a group of men lol sometimes they are in front of the herd and will step up even if they are in a big groups of men.

        • Imhisforever
          Imhisforever commented
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          Some think of a woman as a sex object whenever she is with a group of men which is really wrong to think of.

        • CarpetMuncher
          CarpetMuncher commented
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          Imhisforever That's true and it's quite worrisome that most people think of it that way.

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        Mostly women who have a lot of male friends are judged by other people. Because other people see them as bitches who flirt with different guys but in reality, they do not. For me being friends with men is okay, because they are really protective to their friends.


        • CuteChocolate
          CuteChocolate commented
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          Those people who see them as bitches are only envious of her that's why they're saying that.

        • Zach
          Zach commented
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          CuteChocolate They might be envious because she is surrounded by guys and make them a bit insecure about themselves.

        • dorranlou
          dorranlou commented
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          So do you have more male friends or not?

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        I understand why some people would consider it strange but then again if the girl prefers to have more male friends then who are we to judge, so long as they're not just using the "friend" status to get close to her.


        • lizza
          lizza commented
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          Have you had a male "friend" who tried that move on you? He tried being friends with you because he was hoping that you would sleep with him?

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        Some woman really prefers to be with men because they have something quite in common, Let's say they are all gamers and the woman is a gamer too which made her so closed with them.


        • CRAZYHEY
          CRAZYHEY commented
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          That also happened to one of my friends. She loved playing games and because of that, she met many guy friends.

        • Grateful
          Grateful commented
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          Men are usually the one who is interested in playing games that is why there is nothing wrong in being close with them.